Watches and Pencils: Partners in Watch Appreciation

A growing number of artistic watch lovers are combining their passion for both art and horology by producing watch-inspired art, much to the delight of other watch lovers the world over. Dutch illustrator, Teun van Heerebeek is one such artist and you may well have seen his work on Instagram under the name @watchesandpencils (If you haven’t, please do check him out), or on the Fratello Watches website, where he is regular contributor of design-related stories.

Inspired by Hergé’s The Adventures of TinTin and the video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario Bros and Donkey Kong), his work is highly colourful and very humorous. He has tropical dials hanging from palm trees, crown guards in the form of soldiers and pilots watches on airplanes to cite just a few of his humorous artistic concepts! “Ideas often bubble up just from the name of the watch or common watch terminology,” shares van Heerebeek.

Van Heerebeek always starts his work by sketching with a pencil – thus the name “Watches and Pencils”. He then passes to the digital stage in the form of vector drawings. “I always start in the old-school way with pencils and paper,” he explains. “By embracing the process and starting with messy five-minute sketches, I can get all my ideas on paper quickly until I find the most powerful one that illustrates the watch or term best.”

Watches and Pencils
Watches and Pencils
Watches and Pencils

His love for watches started in high school after purchasing his first mechanical watch, an Oris Aquis. He started to notice all the small details and the mechanical heart of each watch which got him completely hooked. He also loves tool watches and is a true Speedmaster fan.

His work is available for sale on his website at very reasonable prices and you can even commission a piece if you have a particular watch you would like him to draw or a crazy idea that could inspire him!

He has generously created a special piece for Revolution with our famous red revolutionary star that is positioned in the “O” of our logo that has amused the whole Revolution team.

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