Tockr: That's All... Brother

Tockr: That's All... Brother

One of the most famous C-47 paratrooper transports in history is the one that ferried soldiers during World War II’s D-Day mission, with the slogan “That’s All… Brother” emblazoned on its side. This slogan came to represent the indomitable spirit of the Allied Forces.

After World War II, the aircraft disappeared… until 2015, when two USAF historians discovered that a C-47 Skytrain set to be disassembled was actually that C-47.

Their discovery led to the Commemorative Air-Force (CAF), a Texas-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving American aviation history, raising funds to restore “That’s All… Brother” to its original D-Day configuration.

During this restoration, the CAF approached TOCKR, after hearing about their C-47 inspired watches, to get involved. Austin Ivey, the founder of TOCKR and a fellow Texan, decided to take the original aluminum from the body of the plane and put it on the dials for a special edition of the C-47. Each piece of salvage metal is different inch to inch, so these dials are essentially one of a kind. Each watch is individually numbered and engraved on the caseback is the logo of the CAF and the Allied Forces message to Hitler, “That’s All… Brother.”

There are three dial versions of the TOCKR D-Day C-47 watches available: “clean cut,” with light to medium weathering, dark to light hues of brown and green and potential scratches and light chipping; “stamped,” with medium weathering, dark to light hues of brown and green, and portions of type in yellow or blue hues; and “hard worn,” which is heavily weathered, crackled and chipped, with dark to light hues of brown and green and large areas of exposed aluminum.

The watch uses a 42mm cushion case, anti-glare sapphire crystal, and a Swiss Automatic ETA-2824-A6 movement.

Each watch comes with two straps — a military green strap made from canvas webbing and a more formal brown leather band, and both come with 316L steel pin buckle.

The TOCKR D-Day C-47 is a special project, with the first batch of 100 pieces only for sale to CAF members, and it is now available for anyone to buy. A portion of the proceeds of every watch sold goes towards funding the mission of the CAF.

With TOCKR, you can own your own piece of WWII history.