The Moser x Undefeated Streamliner Chronograph is the Unexpected Collab that Makes Perfect Sense

In an underground bunker somewhere in Le Marais, Paris, Eléonor Picciotto sits down with the CEOs of H. Moser & Cie and Undefeated to talk about their collaboration that no one saw coming.

Both companies started out as underground unknowns but have each garnered a cult following of their own. While the overlap between streetwear culture and luxury watches may not seem obvious at first, Moser and Undefeated share similarities in redefining luxury within their respective consumer markets. This is the first collaboration outside of the watch industry that Moser has participated in, and with the king of the sneaker collab no less, that CEO Edouard Meylan leaves the door open to more partnerships in the future. We can’t wait!