The Exclusive Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 – Mr Porter Edition

The Exclusive Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 – Mr Porter Edition

Roger Dubuis’ skeletonised RD105SQ, their first ever double flying tourbillon movement with power reserve indicator, has for some time now been a totem pole calibre for the brand. Unsurprisingly, it’s therefore gone on to power some of their recent crowing creations.

Collections the likes of the Excalibur Spider and the Excalibur Spider Pirelli all have showcase timepieces powered by the RD105SQ. Maintaining the halo effect of such a calibre, watches equipped with the RD105SQ are always made in very small numbers.

The most recent of Roger Dubuis watches to be graced by the RD105SQ, is a watch that was announced in February of 2019, the Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2. In line with one of Pirelli’s latest innovations, a newly patented studded tyre developed for high performance traction on icy road surfaces, the watch is fitted with a special strap that pays tribute to Pirelli with the same studded pattern on it.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 – Mr Porter Edition

At launch the Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 was limited to just eight pieces. These all were in the 47mm Excalibur case, forged in titanium. And for matching effect even the earlier mentioned studs on the watch strap are in titanium.

Now in case such an aggressive aesthetic on a watch strap isn’t something you’d wear on regular basis, Roger Dubuis has included an alternate strap, which can be easily swapped in and out thanks to their Quick Release System (QRS).

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 – Mr Porter Edition

Although, it would appear that the idea of the Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 was clearly well received among the brand’s followers. However, and as discussed earlier, these double tourbillon Excalibur timepieces are not something that Roger Dubuis would ever produce outside of pre-determined limitation.

So when the opportunity arose to create a one-off piece for their e-commerce partner, Mr. Porter, Roger Dubuis decided that they would create a special execution of the Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 for the occasion.

This isn’t the first time that Roger Dubuis has produced a one-off for Mr Porter. At the point of announcing that Roger Dubuis would begin retailing on Mr Porter’s website, an exclusive “one-of-a-kind” Excalibur Aventador S was created to kick the partnership off. As Roger Dubuis is a brand that champions providing its customers with experiences that pair meaningfully with their watches, the added bonus for the “one-of-a-kind” Excalibur Aventador S was that the buyer would be treated to a private tour of the Roger Dubuis manufacture.

Speaking about the brand’s partnership with Mr Porter, Mr Nicola Andreatta, CEO of Roger Dubuis said, “We want to be in charge of our lives and be able to choose. We want and need to live larger than life, to enjoy unique moments of pleasure. We want to full our senses and our memories through the discovery of rare beauty and incredible experiences. Mr Porter and Roger Dubuis open doors to this avant-garde, bold and singular way of life. Our daring and rare timepieces embrace the expressive and contemporary world. This is the most exciting way to experience hyper horology!”

The Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 One-of-a-Kind was announced on November 1, 2019. The special timepiece takes after its preceding variation that was limited to eight pieces, with the 47mm titanium Excalibur case and the titanium studded strap. There are, however, some deviations with the watch being a one-off. The case and studs on the strap are black DLC-coated.
The watch can only be pre-ordered through Mr Porter’s own Personal Shopping team. And in true Roger Dubuis sprit, the bonus availed this time is that Mr Nicola Andreatta will personally deliver the timepiece to the buyer’s location. But wait, there’s more.

Ms Fiona Firth, Buying Director at Mr Porter sums up on-going partnership best, saying: “We’re delighted to be working with Roger Dubuis again on our second unique timepiece. The maison’s modern approach to watchmaking tied to one-of-a-kind experiences and pursuits lends itself well to our global customer base and luxury watch and automotive enthusiasts alike. We’re also thrilled to offer the owner personal delivery of the watch by Nicola Andreatta himself, along with the opportunity to experience a Lamborghini ice-driving experience in the Italian alps.”

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 – Mr Porter Edition

Once the watch is delivered, Roger Dubuis will whisk the happy owner away to a premium accommodation in the heart of the Italian Alps for an exclusive opportunity to road-test the Lamborghini’s entire fleet, including the new ‘Urus’ SUV.

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Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 – Mr Porter Edition