First Look: Jacob & Co. at Geneva Watch Days 2022

Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Jacob & Co., showed Eléonor the recently released Bitcoin-themed 44mm Astronomia Solar. The Astronomia is a cornerstone creation of Jacob & Co. that has a rotating central structure with either three or four arms. Each arm has a different decoration or function and all arms rotate on their own axes. This crypto-inspired version of the Astronomia has a rocket ship and a “Moon” diamond with Jacob Arabo’s famous 288-facet Jacob Cut.

He also showed her the “Venus” model from the Astronomia Metaverso collection. Developed in partnership with NFT marketplace UNXD, the Metaverso collection was unveiled earlier this year and comprises five physical watches themed on planets closest to the Sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter) and three watches (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) that are virtual reality models with NFTs.

Eléonor also got to experience one of haute horlogerie’s most famous musical watches: the Godfather. Turn up your volume and have a listen to its iconic tune.

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