#teamwatchspotting: William Asprey of William & Son

#teamwatchspotting is a series I have mulled over for quite some time. As you can imagine, with the job, I spend a fair bit of time in watch boutiques. In fact, come to think of it, I spent a hell of a lot of time in them prior to working at Revolution – but that is beside the point. What iv found is that folks who work in watch boutiques, be it brands or retailers, staff or owners, they tend to be given a watch to wear while at work. But tend not to wear them outside of work. #Teamwatchspotting exists, beacuse I want to find out what they actually wear, what they actually chose and why. Not only this, but what they would actually buy, given the chance from where they work.

My first guest on the series is none other than Mr William Asprey. A terrific chap, great businessman and serious watch collector. When we met, William was wearing a Romain Gauthier Logical One in titanium. Now I know hat you’re thinking – ‘well he owns William and Son, and he sells Romain Gauthier’. While that is true – this model isn’t for sale! He recently bought it direct from Romain Gauthier, and wears it both at work and in his spare time (not such a bad set up for the Sunday brunch).  When asked what drew him to the logical One, he said ‘I just love the mechanics of it. The fact it’s on a rub chain, with 90 odd rubies in it, it’s just very interesting. I have to say his finishing quality is also fantastic. I also loved this configuration. The blue dial and black case I thought was just sensational’.

So whats next? ‘It would have to be the new Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller made for us here at William & Son. It’s just delightful. I love the details on the watch, the enamel dial is glorious, very understand in blue, and if you look carefully enough you will even see the UK is marked in red to showcase where we are in the world. The pebble shaped case is a joy to wear and I see it very much as a piece of art. We have done five in platinum and five rose gold and its just a question of which one!’

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