Tank Louis Cartier Sapphire Skeleton Watch: Transparency At Its Best

Tank Louis Cartier Sapphire Skeleton Watch: Transparency At Its Best

Over the years Cartier has build a stunning collection of skeleton watches. Transparency has been an integral part of the Maison’s style for decades, from the first mystery clocks created in 1912 to the skeletonised movements of the 1930s. And recently for the Fine Watch Making Collection, La Maison created the Santos 100, Santos Dumont, Pasha Tourbillon, Tank MC, and the Rotonde de Cartier Flying Tourbillon. In 2004 however a skeleton version of the legendary Tank Louis Cartier was presented as the ‘Tank Louis Cartier Noctambule’


in the classic, but larger 38x29mm case. The limited edition watch was part of the now retired Collection Privée, Cartier Paris series. There was even a ‘Piece Unique’ where the bridges were coated with luminescent material! The same 9710 MC movement was later on presented in the platinum Tank a Vis case, as a limited edition of just 20 pieces.

The calibers of these skeleton watches have however very little to do with the new Louis Cartier Tank Sapphire Crystal, where Cartier surprised us with this year. The built from scratch hand wound calibre 9616 MC, is made up of adjoining circles of metal, that appear to be suspended and trace the shape of the movement.

– Carole Forestier-Kasapi (Head of Movement Design at Cartier) explains the movement plates that are made of sapphire crystal. –


A circular bridge gives structure to the circles and the harmony of the Tank Louis Cartier Sapphire Skeleton watch. The whole look and transparency is much more open than the other skeleton models, since the movement of the new Louis Cartier Tank seems to float in its case, due to the movement plates that Cartier made of sapphire crystal.



Cartier has outdone itself with the creation of the Louis Cartier Sapphire Crystal and has set a new standard for the watch industry, when it comes to skeleton movements.


Especially for those who prefer the smaller and more classic styled models, the creation of this Tank Louis Cartier is ideal, since it is packed in the legendary Louis Cartier white gold case, but enlarged to the very wearable and more masculine dimensions of 30 mm x 39,2 mm.