Revolution Watch Podcast Ep. 12: Maximilian Büsser

Maximilian Büsser is the founder of MB&F, short for Maximilian Büsser and Friends, the creator of some of the most avant-garde and imaginative timepieces the world has seen.

The format for this episode of the Revolution Watch Podcast is a little different, fitting we think, for Max Busser, who doesn’t do things quite the same way as the rest of the industry.

We spoke with Max and recorded an interview with him during his last visit to Hong Kong where he opened his latest MB&F M.A.D gallery, a boutique shop where he displays his timepieces amongst other mechanical art pieces.

We’re honoured to have Max on to tell us about his childhood passions of cars and spaceships, how he found himself at Jaeger-LeCoultre, Harry Winston and beyond. We talk about the lows — how he felt like he sold out, the highs — creating timepieces with friends; and finally how he found peace and balance and became a family man.

Maximilian Büsser with the MB&F Medusa
Maximilian Büsser with the MB&F Medusa

Show Notes

(01:28) Launching MB&F

(03:09) Independent watchmakers are more creative

(06:06) Max’s biggest qualities

(10:14) Bringing fans into the MB&F community

(12:06) The M.A.D Galleries

(17:47) Moving to Dubai

(19:46) Max, the family man

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