Revolution Featured on The New York Times

Revolution Featured on The New York Times

Last week, over the bustle of Baselworld 2018, we at Revolution Magazines launched our pre-owned watches section. Powered by our partners at WatchBox, Revolution will now offer you a platform to buy, sell and trade contemporary watches.

Says Wei Koh, founding editor of Revolution, “We strongly believe the future belongs to the merger between entertainment, education and commerce. As such, our ambition is to infuse Revolution.Watch with the very best articles, original photographs and films about the coolest watches on Earth. Sure, there are other sites that do that. But then if you read about a watch on that site and you want to buy it, you’re on your own.

“On our site, we curate our pre-owned selection from WatchBox’s 60-million-dollars’ worth of inventory. If you read about a super cool watch on our site and you want to buy it, we either have it already for you or we can get it for you.”

This ambition did not go unnoticed, while the Revolution Team was out on the floors at Baselworld. Culminating ultimately into a new article published in The International New York Times on March 23, 2018 (page 8).

A version of that article is presented on, here.

To learn further why Revolution is going down this path, read Wei’s thoughts on the present pre-owned market and how we intend to revolutionize it.

Otherwise, start browsing our pre-owned section here.