Introducing Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic Far Cry 6

The Low-Down

No watch brand knows more about Hollywood than Hamilton. Since 1932, the Lancaster Pennsylvania founded watchmaker has appeared in over 500 Hollywood movies, in everything from film noir to sci fi you can spot a Hamilton fleetingly on many a legendary wrist.

But for Hamilton’s latest foray into the world of video fantasy and adventure, the much-loved Khaki Field takes not to the silver screen, but the full HD monitor screen of your computer.

Hamilton’s new collaboration joins forces with the best-selling action-adventure video game franchise Far Cry. Developed and published by Ubisoft, Far Cry 6, which will be released in October this year, will see players deep dive into the action. On their virtual wrist will be a Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium watch to help them along the way.

Hamilton Far Cry 6

Players will experience the game as determined freedom fighter Dan (or Dani) Rojas, a guerilla soldier fighting to liberate the fictious Caribbean nation of Yara from the cruel and despotic rule of a dictator.

The Khaki Hamilton Field Titanium is the watch of choice for Revolutionary Rojas. Made from lightweight titanium, this functional heavyweight does its job without fuss or fanfare. With its simple, clear dial and choice of leather NATO or nubuck leather, it’s a good choice as a no-nonsense timepiece for men, or for that matter women, on a mission.

Players will receive their Hamilton watch as a gift from one Juan Cortez for the successful completion of a dangerous guerilla mission. Participants will need to rely on its practicality and precision as they battle El Presidente Antón Castillo, the ruthless dictator of Yara, chillingly played by Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Hamilton Far Cry 6

“Every small detail is crucial when you’re creating a virtual world, whether it’s designed for the big screen or your own personal game play….it made sense to translate our experience in Hollywood to the world of video games. The Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is the perfect watch for the Far Cry 6 world and brings even more reality to the game’s story of revolution,” states Vivian Stauffer, Hamilton CEO.

Omar Bouali, Game Content Director, Ubisoft Toronto, adds “Integrating the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic as special in-game gear not only looks fantastic, but also provides you gameplay benefits with a Far Cry twist.”

Hamilton Far Cry 6


If you were to opt for a Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto in the real world – and for fans of the game the Far Cry branded Ubisoft tie-in version will be coming to market soon – you’d be wearing a 42mm tool watch featuring luminous Arabic numerals and a trusty three-hand movement. Water resistant to 100 meters, the watch is powered by the H-10 caliber, which is base ETA CO7 movement, and comes without a date function but with a superior power reserve of 80 hours. The H-10 also features intricate contrasting snail and pearled patterns for the American Classic models it drives.


Your virtual Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto can be admired on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia and PC. Far Cry 6 will be released in October 2021. The watch will also be available in the real world, so stay tuned!