Introducing the new G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Model: Recrystallized Series

If you fancy a visually compelling timepiece that is as tough as it looks, look no further than the new G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Model: Recrystallized Series, which will be launched on May 12, 2023.

To fete the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand, CASIO has launched an eye-catching collection that features unique cases, packs useful high-tech functions and arrives in eco-friendly packaging. We can’t stop staring at the gorgeous recrystallized steel cases of the GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG that have been made tougher via a deep-layer hardening process, which involves infusing gas into the surface of steel. This technique confers these cases with three times the hardness of ordinary stainless steel, along with a unique crystalline grain appearance.

Measuring 49.3mm by 43.2mm by 13.0mm and weighing approximately 167g each, the cases of the GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG are based on the full-metal GMW-B5000D, which was made in the iconic shape of the DW-5000C. As you might be aware, the DW-5000C was the original CASIO G-SHOCK of 1983. This historic milestone is commemorated by the inscription “SINCE 1983” on the dial, a star on the mode button on the lower left side of the case, and the 40th anniversary logo on the case back.


CASIO has also unveiled the DW-5040PG, which also sports metal components that have undergone deep-layer hardening, complemented by a bezel and band that are fashioned from bio-based resins. The words “PROJECT TEAM ‘Tough’” are inscribed on its classic G-SHOCK dial, which is the name of the team that developed the DW-5000C of 1983.


In terms of tech, these utilitarian devices have a one-hundredth of a second stopwatch function, can display five world times selected from 39 cities, display their city names, and the user can effortlessly toggle between home time and world time. Its wearer can also choose from many languages, set multiple alarms, locate this watch via the dedicated CASIO Watches smartphone app’s phone finder. In true G-SHOCK fashion, this horological icon has a full auto LED backlight with Super Illuminator and afterglow. Furthermore, these modern G-SHOCK timepieces tap on Bluetooth® and radio control to ensure high chronometric accuracy.


Last but certainly not least, check out the cool packaging of these watches. The 40th anniversary edition G-SHOCKs arrive in eco-friendly packaging that reflect the distressed appearance of the deep-layer hardened steel components.

“There are two types of packaging available this time, which are designed to please our fans,” shares a marketing representative of R&D CASIO. “Considering users’ values, the packaging is eco-friendly. From a design perspective, we created a unique design that associates with toughness, resembling concrete for high-end customers, and a simple and recognizable G-SHOCK G for entry model customers. We also included (prominent artist and designer) Eric Haze’s 40th-anniversary logo on the outer box to add a special touch. From an eco-friendly perspective, the inner box for high-end customers uses discarded plastic, including some from Yamagata Factory, while the one for entry model customers uses recycled paper. Both outer boxes use recycled paper and vegetable oil ink.”

Revolution caught up with Tabe Hirokazu, who is an R&D expert at CASIO, to find out more about the innovative technology within these milestone timepieces, and what inspired CASIO’s pursuit of these truly unprecedented watches.

Revolution: Omedetō! Congratulations on the 40th anniversary full metal G-SHOCK. In your opinion, what do you think propelled the G-SHOCK to global success? Was it perhaps its superior technology and cool design?

Tabe Hirokazu: The reason is that G-SHOCK is constantly evolving based on its unique identity of being unbreakable and responding to trends and culture born from the brand story. I believe this is because we continue to challenge and communicate our craftsmanship.

What is the inspiration for this 40th anniversary edition G-SHOCK? And what objectives did your team set to achieve with this beautiful project?

For the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK, the project started with the concept of “Philosophy Reborn,” a return to the concepts of past models and their evolution with modern interpretations. We have taken the original model and applied the latest technology to present an evolved version of it.

40th anniversary edition G-SHOCKs
40th anniversary edition G-SHOCKs

Is this hardening process new or did CASIO evolve this technique in any way? What industries utilize this type of hardening process?

This technology was originally used for engine valves and shafts for four- and two-wheeled vehicles and industrial machines. For watch parts, we have to consider not only functions such as resistance to corrosion and intensity, but appearance is also an extremely important factor. CASIO and its partner manufacturers have evolved the hardening treatment for watches based on the importance of appearance.

Can you tell us more about functions like the home time and world time display, city name display and auto summer time (DST) switching? What kind of effort and research did it require to perfect this technology, incorporate it into G-SHOCKs and optimize its performance?

The home time is equipped with the time calendar of the 5000 series models, while incorporating practical localized specifications such as switching between six languages including English, which can recognize the day of the week with two characters and switching the display of the month and date. The world time display covers all time zones on the earth, displays the full city name of each preset city, and incorporates information on when to switch to daylight saving time.


This allows the watch to be set to any time in the world, and also allows for easy city setting and an automatic daylight saving time switching function. In addition, in world time mode, the home time is also displayed at the same time, so that the home time can be known even when the clock is used in world time mode display.

This series also allows the user to set up to five cities for easy search. Next, we will explain the evolution through the Mobile Link function linked with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES application. With the application, not only can you easily select a world time city from approximately 300 cities around the world from your mobile screen, but you can also name and set your original location.

In addition to city names, the app cities have the latest time difference and daylight saving time information built in, which can be sent to and retained by the watch for peace of mind. The app always keeps track of the world time information. The time difference between cities and daylight saving time information are managed in the app as the latest world time data. The app has a system to update the latest time information. A system was developed to identify the time difference from latitude and longitude when creating the original points of these watches.

On a full battery, this new watch can function for 10 months without solar charging and 22 months on power saving mode. How did CASIO manage to maximize the efficiency of the G-SHOCK’s solar power function?

We are working to reduce the current consumption that drives the watch through electronic components, circuitry and programming to extend the watch’s duration as much as possible. The solar power cells are film-type solar cells, which are more efficient than glass-type solar cells.

I’d also like to know, how has the iconic glow of the G-SHOCK evolved? What motivated the choice of the type of glow for modern G-SHOCKs?

G-SHOCK backlights have evolved from micro-lamps to EL and now to high- luminance LED. The deciding factors in our decision to use high-luminance LEDs were that they are devices with high luminance even at low voltage and low current, and that their white emission color provides good visibility of the display when emitting light. Using the above characteristics, GMW-B5000 was able to realize fade-in fade-out luminescence. It is also equipped with a dedicated IC so that the brightness does not change depending on the battery voltage.

Are there any other key features of the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 PG and PS that you would like to talk about? And how do these features pay tribute to important G-SHOCK models of the

The new model was developed with an emphasis on the G-SHOCK origin model that started with the DW-5000 and the question of how to evolve this DNA of 40 years. It features an original color, material and finish created from the latest technology.

What does this special occasion and special collection mean to the CASIO team? Also, what are CASIO’s aspirations for the G-SHOCK series and what can we expect in the near future?

This collection proves the evolution of G-SHOCK over the past 40 years and is a happy milestone for us, but we want to continue to strive to greater accomplishments. We will continue to challenge and evolve, and we aim to create a brand and products that will always be loved by our customers.

Tech Specs

GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG

Movement: Quartz module; battery operating time: About 10 months after full charge, using all functions but without solar charging, and about 22 months with the power-saving function ON after full charge
Functions: Smartphone Link, Tough Solar, Bluetooth®, world time, phone finder, alarm, event reminder, countdown timer, 1/100-second stopwatch, 5 world times selected from 39 cities and Coordinated Universal Time, city name display, home time/world time city swapping, auto summer time (DST) switching, date/month display swapping; day display (in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian); full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; full auto LED backlight (Super Illuminator and afterglow: 2/4 seconds, fade-in/fade-out afterglow); low battery alert
Case: Deep-layer hardened steel with recrystallized finish; water resistant to 200m
Bracelet: Deep-layer hardened steel with recrystallized finish
Total weight: 167g
Price: GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG SGD 1,249
Availability: At all G-SHOCK stores and

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