Formex Goes Virtual with the Try-On App

Last year, Swiss watch brand Formex decided to focus entirely on selling online, completely eliminating any brick and mortar retailers. This caused an issue, however, as consumers were not able to see how the Formex watches looked on their wrists before buying.

“Despite the many advantages of buying a watch online, the biggest drawback so far was that customers were not able to try them on,” admits Formex CEO Raphael Granito. “Even though every Formex comes with a 30-day free return policy, we found that people are still hesitant to buy watches without having had them on their wrist. That’s why we came up with the idea for the Try-On app.”

The new app, developed exclusively for Formex, allows potential customers to put a silicon strap or strip of paper with special markings on their wrist, then displays the Formex watch of their choice “virtually” on their wrists by using the camera on their smart phones.

“I think the app has made us stand out in the marketplace,” Granito says. “We want to use this as a sales tool, not just a gadget. It has this cool, wow effect, but we want to put all of our models on this so the customers can see how any Formex looks on their wrist, because they can’t go into a store.

“I see this as a viable way moving forward,” Granito continues. “We are banking that online retail will only continue to grow. The way we are working, our customers get much more watch for the price they are paying. What has to happen now is that we have to be established as a brand, so customers don’t have to ask themselves questions about the quality or whether they will like the watch.”

I downloaded the Try-On app from the iTunes App store and Granito sent me the special silicone strap. I tried it as soon as I opened the package, and it was very cool, and a little freaky, to see the different models appear on my wrist. The app worked well every single time I used it.

All of Formex’s collections are on the app, with the fourth collection, Element, to be introduced in October. Not all variations within these collections, however, can be found on app, as the company has to keep the app at a reasonable size so people will keep it on their phones.

If I was in the market for a Formex, and they are good looking sport watches, the app would make me more comfortable buying from an online-only brand. I have known Formex for years, so I would have no hesitation buying from them in any case, but the app and the 30-day no questions asked, free return policy makes it doubly easy.

Download the new Try-On app and see how you like “wearing” new Formex watches in the comfort of your home.

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