Watches, The New Asset Class (Day 1 of Revolution Presents: Horological Symposiums at Geneva Watch Days)

We live in times of rapid inflation, exacerbated by geopolitical tensions and the fallout of a global pandemic. These unprecedented circumstances have resulted in an unpredictable stock market and, finally, a bit of good news – the prices of many watches have been appreciating!

Revolution Founder Wei Koh will be leading and moderating a series of Horological Symposiums, with a different topic on every day of Geneva Watch Days 2022. On August 29th, this live attended and broadcasted symposium addressed the topic of ‘Watches, The New Asset Class’.

Wei and his distinguished panel answered the burning questions of watch collectors, such as: Which watch brands and types of watches are appreciating? Should we view our luxury accessories as investments to be sold eventually? And the million-dollar question, what watches are accessible and likely to appreciate?

The panellists of the symposium were Roy Davidoff, Co-founder, Roy & Sacha Davidoff; Eric Ku, Co-founder, Loupe This; Aurel Bacs, Auctioneer & Co-founder, Bacs & Russo; Justin Reis, CEO, WatchBox; and Silas Walton, Founder, A Collected Man.

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