The Art of F.P. Journe with Remi Guillemin

Considered to be one of the greatest and most influential living watchmakers of our time, François-Paul Journe, most known by the name F.P. Journe, started his brand in 1999. Combining the elegance in the design of late-18th-century with creativity modernism and innovation, F.P. Journe manages to harmoniously bring together brilliance in design and create mechanical marvels.

A beautiful moment in all of horology history never has such a wide-ranging array of F.P. Journe timepieces been brought together in one auction to celebrate a single independent watchmaker.

The Art of F.P. Journe is not just an auction but a celebration to retrace the history of this legendary watchmaker by offering some of his most important creations and collaborations.

Wei sits down with Remi Guillermin, Head of Watches for Christie’s Europe , to deep-dive into some of the most important watches in this momentous auction.

The Art of F.P. Journe live auction will be held in Geneva on 12 May, 01:00 PM CEST.

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