The Angelus x Revolution Chronodate ‘Angels’ Share’ is the Sports Chronograph with a Soft Touch

The Angelus Chronodate that was relaunched this year can trace its roots all the way back to the original Chronodatos from the 1940s, a triple-calendar chronograph that were scarce commodities at the time. Despite retaining the big eye counters and central date indicator, the current Chronodate is resolutely contemporary with a multi-part exoskeleton case made of ultra-light titanium that encases a vertical clutch movement.

Wei and Jeremiah talk about the evolution of the Chronodate’s form that follows a new design ethos since the revival of Angelus in 2015. We are honored to be a part of the brand’s new direction and together we have created a 25-piece limited edition called the Chronodate ‘Angels’ Share’ that features something of a Revolution signature, a salmon dial with a sandblasted finish.

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