TAG Heuer releases The Chase for Carrera, starring Ryan Gosling

This year, Tag Heuer is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its signature racing chronograph, the Carrera, with not only a faithful remake but also a new design in the core collection nicknamed the Glassbox. But for the brand, that’s not enough. In honor of this occasion, it has also produced a short action-comedy, The Chase for Carrera, starring the brand’s ambassador, Ryan Gosling, and produced by David Leitch, known for his work on blockbuster action films such as Bullet Train and John Wick.

The 'other' star of the film, the TAG Heuer Carrera

The plot of the film is both realistic and amusing. Essentially, it documents the process of shooting a commercial, wherein the lead actor, played by Ryan Gosling, refuses to return a prop. Gosling makes a plea for “one last spin around the dial” and asks for “60 seconds,” only to be met with a firm “no” from the Prop Master, played by SNL-alum Vanessa Bayer. This denial triggers a series of races between Gosling and the Prop Master.

After failing to get permission to keep the watch, Gosling flees the scene and hops into his car, which appears to be a vintage G-Series Porsche 911, painted in a hue that shifts from dark rubystone red to bright red, depending on the lighting. The ensuing race between Gosling and the Prop Master features a variety of vehicles, including a golf-course buggy and a truck. I recommend watching the film yourself to experience the entertaining race and its memorable ending.

Brand’s ambassador, Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling faces down Vanessa Bayer as the unstoppable Prop Master

The prop in question, of course, is a Tag Heuer Carrera. A closer look reveals that it’s the latest Carrera “Glassbox,” which is a clever reimagining of the original design, featuring a tachymeter scale integrated into the dial’s flange. This creates a bezel-less case and provides a stunning side view of the dial through the box-shaped sapphire crystal. Read more about this important update to the Carrera here.

TAG Heuer Carrera
TAG Heuer Carrera

While Tag Heuer and other brands have always had Hollywood stars sporting their watches, it’s not every day that you see a watchmaker produce a blockbuster-level commercial such as this one. “It was surprising to see a luxury brand known for its serious and artful campaigns suddenly embrace and showcase such a strong sense of humor,” commented Gosling.

Despite this, it’s undeniably enjoyable to watch a lighthearted comedy that can convey messages so effortlessly. It also makes sense for a major event to warrant a significant investment. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 60th anniversary than with this world-first,” said Frédéric Arnault, the brand’s CEO. “Here’s to the next 60.”

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