New Record Set for Most Expensive Omega Wristwatch Sold to Date at CHF 1,428,500

A stainless-steel Omega wristwatch housing the Calibre 30 I tourbillon movement has just sold with Phillips Watches at their Geneva Auction Week: Six for a record breaking CHF 1,428,500.

Made in 1947, these movements are said to have been made to run in the “wristwatch” category of the Geneva, Neuchatel and Kew-Teddington Observatory trials.

Featuring a 7.5 minute tourbillon, as opposed to the minute tourbillons we are more familiar with today, and the timeframe it was conceived in, it can be said that the watch is historically significant as a breed of pioneering tourbillon movements created specifically to be used in wristwatchs.

Now, the watch will, also, go down in history for having become the most expensive Omega wristwatch to have been sold at auction in the hands of the greatest auctioneer of our time, Mr. Aurel Bacs.

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