New York, Paris and the Tank Anglaise

New York, Paris and the Tank Anglaise

During the years after the launch of the Tank Divan in 2002, Cartier concentrated on other models like the Santos 100 and Calibre de Cartier, two watches that were clearly developed for the mens market. It took 10 years, since the Tank Divan, before La Maison presented another Tank model.

– Tank Anglaise XL –

The demand for larger watches was at its peak when Cartier announced the powerful launch of the largest Tank watch in the brand’s history; the Tank Anglaise. The new Anglaise echoes the forms of two other classic Tank series – the Tank Américain (1989) and the Tank Française (1996). Together, the three pay homage to Cartier’s three historical boutiques in New York, Paris, and London.

ArnoudBamberger – Mr Arnaud Bamberger (Executive Chairman of Cartier UK) with a Tank Anglaise Large model and custom made strap –

It was actually not the size of the watch that truly set the model apart from other Tanks, since there were several sizes presented. In fact, it was the design of the crown that had the most people enraptured. The new Tank Anglaise embodies the pioneering spirit of Tank by boldly hiding its crown in the vertical brancards and revealing only its inlaid precious stone.

The crown that sets the Anglaise model apart from most other Tank models was inspired by the early Cartier Ceinture watches, where it was hidden but still visible. It is a very smart solution that gives the watch a delightful vintage detail and an almost indestructible and very Tankish look!

With its dimensions of 32.2 x 47mm, the XL version is the largest watch in the Tank collection and this is the model that features the in-house automatic caliber 1904MC. The medium sized Anglaise is still not a small watch with its case size of 29.8 x 39.2mm and is actually the one with the perfect size for daily wear to the office since it fits very well under any cuff.

– Automatic caliber 1904 MC –

The medium model features an automatic 076MC caliber by ETA. An interesting fact is that the two larger sizes of the Tank Anglaise, are popular among both men and women. Like most watches in the Cartier collection, the Tank Anglaise is also available set with diamonds and the XL version looks especially amazing in white gold set with diamonds – 80 in total with a total of 2.92 carat weight.


In the meantime, it has been two and a half year since the launch and the Angalise family has expanded its selection to three different sizes: all available in 18K pink or white gold, 18k gold set with diamonds, in steel & gold models and the latest all steel variation. All versions come on bracelet and are also available with an alligator bracelet with folding buckle.


The newly developed bracelet is extremely comfortable and even if you’re not a bracelet-person, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Next week we will focus on Cartier’s latest Tank as well as a new one in the line which will be released in a few months’ time.