Moritz Grossmann Puts it All on Display

Moritz Grossmann Puts it All on Display

The skeletonizing of this stunning piece, the Moritz Grossmann ATUM Skelett, was done in a small workshop in Switzerland’s Siberia, Le Brévine–the workplace of one of the acknowledged masters of this discipline, Christophe Schaffo.

In his atelier, Schaffo creates incredible skeletonized watches entirely by hand–the work so intense, he only does about 10 watches per year. Schaffo combines technology, craftsmanship and artistic creativity, and the results are spellbinding.

The starting point of this unique piece is the Moritz Grossmann caliber 100.1, from which Schaffo removes as much material as he can, enhancing the artistic creativity of the watch while at the same time leaving enough material to ensure its reliability. It’s a delicate dance, one to which Schaffo is supremely suited.

“When Moritz Grossmann put their trust in me and gave me carte blanche to create a skeleton watch from their magnificent movement, I immediately found the inspiration and the ideas to highlight the unique and specific character of the movement (with mainplate and barrel bridges supported by small posts),” says Schaffo. “I tried to get back to the basics of traditional skeletonization, carried out completely by hand, as in the past by master watchmakers such as Fritz Robert-Charrue, who once held the record for creating the smallest tourbillon in the world, as well as the pieces made by my father.”

Due to the amount of handwork, this piece is a true pièce unique, and the timepiece is signed by Schaffo himself.

“The captivating beauty and lavish finish of our movements have meanwhile earned global acclaim, but they are visible only for their owners,” explains Christine Hutter, founder and CEO, Moritz Grossmann. “Only they can turn the watch around and admire the movement through the display back. Skeletonization now reveals the ingenious mechanical artistry of our calibers to everyone. Christophe Schaffo succeeded in transforming the uniqueness and functionally optimized the design of our caliber 100.1 into a peerlessly fascinating work of art: the new caliber 100.5. Here, mechanical finesse forms an impressive union with artisanal brilliance. The result is a timekeeping instrument and an oeuvre of unparalleled beauty.”

We here at Revolution love skeleton watches, where beautifully finished movements are put on full display.

The ATUM Skelett from Moritz Grossmann is a prime example of what this art form can be.


Moritz Grossmann ATUM SkeletT

Movement: Manual-winding Moritz Grossmann caliber 100.5

Case: 41mm 18k rose-gold or white-gold case

Strap: Handstitched alligator leather