This is what the Moonswatch ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ could look like

The Moonswatch, Nicholas Hayek’s genius pairing of the iconic Swatch and the Omega Speedmaster was, without question, the defining watch of 2022. This fun and colorful chronograph sparked a global phenomenon, and we’re about to get round two.

Two days ago, Swatch teased a post on Instagram, a golden moon with the caption ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold, and a series of times and locations — Zurich, Tokyo, Milan and London — coinciding with Swatch boutique locations. Immediately the internet went into a frenzy of speculation.

We’ll find out what the watch is soon enough, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating along with the rest of you. Unlike last year, we’ve got a pretty solid framework to go off. We’re assuming this Moonswatch will take the same form as last year, and Moonshine Gold is a known quantity in the Omega universe — a patented alloy famously used on the Speedmaster Apollo 11 Anniversary Limited Edition. But, we’re not going to actually get a gold Moonswatch, are we? Well, we might, but not in the way we’re used to. Swatch could easily make an alloy of ceramic and Moonshine Gold — because we’ve seen it before. Hublot’s proprietary Magic Gold is an alloy of the precious metal and ceramic, which gives it the look of gold and the properties of ceramic. Swatch certainly possesses the capability to craft a new version of gold — in fact Omega did it recently with ‘Bronze Gold’.

However, the price tag on a watch made with a substantial amount of Moonshine Gold would be high, and not in the ethos of the fun, fashionable Moonswatch. What we think far more likely is a case made mostly of a ceramic material that includes a splash of Moonshine, to give it a lustre and a link to Omega’s precious pedigree. Or, we could be totally wrong. But in the spirit of speculation, we’ve come up with a few possibilities as to what the Moonswatch ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ might look like.

As a base, we’ve taken three existing Moonshine Gold Omega Speedmasters, and given them a Moonswatch twist.

Moonswatch ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ Apollo 11 Anniversary Edition

Moonswatch 'Mission to Moonshine Gold' Apollo 11 Anniversary Edition

First up, the most obvious and the most iconic. Directly inspired by the first gold Speedmaster, made in 1969, and gifted to NASA astronauts in celebration of the Apollo 11 mission, this Moonswatch mockup feautures the iconic burgundy bezel. We’ve taken the liberty of adding a gold-tone NATO strap for some tone on tone goodness.

Moonswatch ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ Gold Panda Edition

Moonswatch 'Mission to Moonshine Gold' Gold Panda Edition

Inspired by a Moonshine Gold watch from the current Omega catalogue, this model features a high contrast ‘panda’ design dial and matching black bezel. It’s an incredibly striking look.

Moonswatch ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ Green Gold Edition

Moonswatch 'Mission to Moonshine Gold' Green Gold Edition

Finally, another riff on Omega’s current models, a gold Moonswatch with a vivid green dial, and an olive-toned bezel. Though it’s more of an outlier than the above options, it would be in keeping with the color-coordination of the Moonswatch models we’ve already seen.

So, how did we do? Is the Revolution take on Mission to Moonshine Gold a success, or is it back to the drawing board. We’ll find out soon.

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