In Conversation with Michel Navas on Louis Vuitton’s New High Watchmaking Collection Atop Courchevel

After winning the GPHG’s Audacity Prize in 2021 with the Tambour Carpe Diem, Louis Vuitton unveiled today in Courchevel the new story of La Fabrique du Temps. Four high watchmaking timepieces have been developed with exceptional complications including two automata with 5 to 7 animations and sapphire innovations. Eleonor sat down with creative genius Michel Navas, Master Watchmaker and Co-Founder of La Fabrique du Temps to talk about the Tambour Opera Automata inspired by Sichuan Opera (变脸; bìan lǐan), the Tambour Fiery Heart Automata and the Tambour Moon Flying Tourbillon with new colored sapphire cases, certified by the Geneva Seal. Once again, Louis Vuitton has proven that everything is possible with audacity, perfection, attention to detail, combined with high technical skills.

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