Marathon training with the Bremont Supermarine Type 300

Testing watches is one of the best parts of our job at Revolution and any opportunity we get to borrow a watch and strap it on our wrists for a few days, we jump at the chance. The best way to test any watch is to do all the things you would usually do while wearing the watch and see how it feels. Now admittedly, I wouldn’t normally run with a mechanical watch, I have a high-tech Garmin for that, but running with a watch is a great way to test comfort on the wrist. It is also a good excuse to talk about why I am running the marathon as I am not only running for the fun of it, but also to raise money for a great charity called Whizz-Kidz. This incredible charity provides young disabled people with the very best disability equipment so that they can lead full and active lives.

Before joining Whizz-Kidz for their one of their monthly club meetings, I took the Bremont for a spin around Birmingham’s jewelry quarter to see just how I liked it.

The Bremont Supermarine Type 300 is a professional diver’s watch with a water resistance of 300 metres. At 40mm, the Type 300 is quite a bit smaller than its predecessors that were 43mm or 45mm in diameter. It is also more compact with a case-back-to-sapphire-crystal-measurement of only 13mm.

Bremont Supermarine Type 300
Bremont Supermarine Type 300

The Supermarine name comes from an old aircraft company that made the very first Spitfire Prototype in the 1930s. It is funny how the name sounds nautical, which is perfect for a professional diving watch, and yet it also has a connection to flying, one of Bremont’s leading passions.

The Type 300 is powered by a COSC-certified automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve and features a deep blue dial. The dial has a sunburst finish and is framed by a striking uni-directional rotating bezel made of blue ceramic. Nick English, Bremont’s Co-Founder explains: “The need for a robust dive watch that is so wearable size-wise was the driving force behind the new Type 300’s design and build. The new range is so delightful to wear and really beautifully engineered. The ceramic bezel looks terrific; it’s a wonderful addition to the Bremont stable.” The watch comes on the choice of a stainless-steel bracelet, a 20mm calf leather strap or a NATO style strap.

Bremont Supermarine Type 300

I was wearing the calf leather version and it was surprising how comfortable the watch was to run with and how legible it was to read, even when moving around. I particularly appreciated the different reflections of blue off the sunburst dial and shiny ceramic bezel.

Sophie wearing the calf leather version of Bremont Supermarine Type 300
Sophie wearing the calf leather version of Bremont Supermarine Type 300

Running in Birmingham’s jewelry quarter certainly made quite a difference from the Swiss hills where I usually train. I loved ducking and diving over the locks and under the bridges of the historical canal system which was built during the Industrial Revolution and counts over 100 miles of waterways. The canal is also the inspiration for the television series Peaky Blinders. For those of you who are familiar with the series, I thankfully did not run into any of the Shelby brothers!

Once back at the hotel, showered and camera bag at the ready, I went to meet the Whizz-Kidz Birmingham team to discover how they are helping improve the lives of disabled youngsters in the region. This UK charity not only helps provide the very best wheelchairs for those who need them, but it also offers wheelchair skills classes, so kids can get the best out of their equipment. There are also frequent get-togethers where they can hang out and take part in a whole range of fun activities that train everything from coordination to fine motor skills, team building and social skills.

I talked to Paula McGoveney, Head of Events at Whizz-Kidz, who explained the important work of Whizz-Kidz and how it makes such a difference. See the video of our chat below.

Running the London Marathon for these children makes it even more motivating and I know when I hit the wall, I’m going to remember all their smiling faces and they are going to keep me going all the way to the finish line.

Join us in supporting Whizz Kidz by supporting Sophie’s London Marathon run at

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