Live Long & Prosper with the Seconde Seconde x Vulcain Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute”

Wei and Jeremiah talk about Vulcain, a brand that has languished in obscurity til Guillaume Laidet came along and revived its most iconic model, the Cricket. We decided our second collaboration with Guillaume had to be with the Cricket, and when satirical pop artist Romaric André joined the project, we knew the watch was going to be sick! Romaric is probably better known by his nom de plume, Seconde/Seconde/, and his personally designed watch hands have brought humor to an otherwise overly serious industry.

The Vulcain Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute” plays on the brand’s name that sounds like “Vulcan”, the alien species from 1960s TV-series Star Trek. The Vulcan salute and its accompanying salutation to “live long and prosper” quickly became part of popular culture. In fact, the gesture is actually adapted from an ancient religious blessing. The seconds hand of the Cricket Tradition has been replaced with Romaric’s animated version of the Vulcan salute and comes in four fun colors, inspired by the uniforms worn by members of Starfleet.

The Vulcain x Seconde Seconde x Revolution Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute” comes in two sizes, 36mm with the yellow and green “Vulcain salute” on top of gold-toned applied hour indexes and hands, and 39mm with the red and blue “Vulcain Salute” with polished silver hour indexes and hands. Each colorway will be available in 25 numbered pieces and priced at CHF 3,800 for the 36mm model and CHF 4,100 for the 39mm model.

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36mm Yellow “Vulcain Salute”
36mm Green “Vulcain Salute”
39mm Red “Vulcain Salute”
39mm Blue “Vulcain Salute”

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