Vulcain Cricket “Style Moderne” for Revolution & The Rake with Guillaume Laidet

Wei sits down with Guillaume Laidet of Vulcain to discuss the new Vulcain Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ limited edition for Revolution & The Rake.

The Vulcain Cricket dates back to 1947 when it was introduced as the world’s first mechanical alarm watch, powered by the now-legendary caliber 120. The alarm worked with a hammer that struck an internal membrane incorporated into the watch’s double caseback. The movement proved so accurate that even though it was designed for an alarm function in 1947, it went on to win the Neuchâtel Observatory Trials for accuracy.

The Cricket was also a decidedly handsome timepiece, characterized by a smooth round 36mm in diameter case, long elegant lugs typical of the ’40s and ’50s, large easy-to-manipulate crown, and a domed pusher to turn the alarm off. It won the favor of several American presidents, including Lyndon Johnson, who wore it for the most part of his term.

Our new limited edition Vulcain Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ features the perfect 39 x 12.7mm case size made in 316L stainless steel, the iconic mechanical alarm complication, and a new two-tone sector dial configuration that is as sporty as it is chic.

The Vulcain Cricket ‘Style Moderne’ for Revolution & The Rake is limited to just 50 examples and priced at USD 4,060 excluding taxes.

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