Jacob and Batman – A New Dynamic Duo

The thing that I’ve always loved about Batman was that he was just a regular guy. Let me clarify this quickly. He wasn’t imbued with any superpowers, brought on by a spider bite, exposure to radiation or accident of birth. Bruce Wayne, and his alter ego, is a man that whilst trained to the highest possible standards by ninja masters and mystics, and possessing an unequaled drive and determination to rid his city of all evil, essentially, he’s a fallible human. What Bruce Wayne needed to become Batman is gear — not just a few Boy Scout-esque accessories, but proper military-grade, best-in-the-world, futuristic, badass crime-fighting equipment. The Batmobile, the Batwing, next-gen armor and obviously a watch.

When it comes to watches, surely, he would need two; one for Bruce and one for the caped crusader. Jacob & Co have taken care of this and whether Alfred, Wayne’s long serving valet, was offering Master Bruce a piece to wear at the Gotham City Annual Gala dinner or strapping a high-tech watch to Batman’s armor-clad wrist, he would arrive on time and in the correct style! Both Gotham City models measure a strong 45.5mm with — considering the complicated movement that lies within — a sleek height of 17.2mm. To cater to the two different characters and their individual needs, however, there is a version in matte black DLC-coated titanium and another in polished 18K rose gold. Black or bling, the choice is yours … unless Alfred is making that decision for you!

The cases share the same form — resembling the suit worn by Batman — with angular multifaceted details much like Batman himself. The titanium case is as stealthy as the Batmobile, thanks to the material’s lightweight properties combined with matte sandblasted and horizontal brushed finishing. The winding crown is clad in a Batmobile tire-style band that encircles a yellow and black Batman logo on the titanium model, and rose gold and black on the gold model.

The face of the watch echoes the theme with a subtle representation of the Batman signal, which has been formed from a slice of black onyx and is outlined in yellow Neoralithe that has been enhanced with Super-LumiNova to glow blue at night. Anchored to the outer rim of the dial are protruding claw-like hour markers that hover over the center of the dial. On the back of the titanium model, the beholder is treated to a portrait of Batman, as well as the Jacob & Co and DC logos. These have been laser etched into the underside of the sapphire caseback and then filled with yellow and black. The rose gold version also has a sapphire caseback, but this time it has been left clear to allow an unadulterated view of the Gotham City movement that lies beneath.

One doesn’t simply have to look through the sapphire caseback to admire the movement, as both models are equipped with a pair of triple-axis tourbillons. These tourbillons are crafted in sandblasted titanium in the form of the grappling hooks that Batman would use to scale the buildings and landmarks of Gotham. This “Bat-caliber” (or, as it is technically known, JCFM10) comprises 382 components, including a rose gold Bat Bridge that spans the entire diameter of the movement. The most technical elements, however, are the tourbillons. According to Jacob & Co, “Each one of them rotates along three different axes. Each axis drives a separate cage. The first, outermost one makes a full turn in 180 seconds, the second one in 24 seconds and the third one, closest to the 3Hz balance wheel, in 48 seconds.”

The tourbillons are also fittingly flying, much like the watch’s main protagonist, as well as jumping. Jacob & Co CEO Benjamin Arabov says, “The other special feature of these rotating organs is the fact that they’re sequential. Mounted on the wheel that drives the tourbillon, a spring accumulates energy to allow the cages to jump forward. They don’t just move in small incremental moves but large ones, creating a series of sequential, very visible moves, with pauses in between.” The JCFM10 has a 48-hour power reserve, which can be monitored using the power reserve indicator that is situated between the tourbillons.

Tech Specs

Movement: Jacob & Co caliber JCFM10 with Twin Flying Triple-Axis Tourbillons at 5 and 7 o’clock. 48-hour power reserve.
Case: 45.5mm in black DLC matte titanium or polished 18K rose gold. Caseback in sapphire glass or laser-etched sapphire with yellow and black lacquer.
Dial: Polished and beveled onyx bat-shaped plate with yellow Neoralithe outline; black PVD or rose gold-plated with suspended hour markers.
Strap: Black rubber with black DLC matte titanium deployment clasp or 18K rose gold deployment clasp.
Availability: 36-piece limited edition in black DLC titanium; 36-piece limited edition in 18K rose gold

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