Introducing the Tangente ‘Red Dot’ 2018 by Nomos Glashütte x The Hour Glass

Introducing the Tangente ‘Red Dot’ 2018 by Nomos Glashütte x The Hour Glass

Options are a Good Thing

Options are a good thing. Even if you lean towards Android today, it’s always good to know that there is iOS on the table, and vice versa, should life ever bring you to a fork in the road, where you need to consider a switch.

On the same note, while e-retail is the hot new thing, there’s no denying that in many instances you really do need to head down to a physical shop — to handle what you’re after for yourself — before you spend the dollar.

The world of luxury timepieces has had to consider this phenomenon in a very real way, of late. Brands have had to ask themselves: To go all in on e-retail? Stick it out with their brick and mortar boutiques? Or, go for a 50/50 point of balance.

The Tangente ‘Red Dot’ 2018 by Nomos Glashütte x The Hour Glass

One of the most renowned names in the watch business, The Hour Glass has just taken a step into the realm of e-retailing with its latest collaboration with Nomos Glashütte.

The watch is a well-loved staple of Nomos’, the Tangente, powered by its own manual-wind Alpha caliber. In the execution for The Hour Glass, the brand has created two versions: one with a midnight blue dial and the other in salmon. What sets the two watches apart from Nomos’ regular Tangente watches is the inclusion of a red dot — hence the watch’s name — at 6 o’clock on the minute track. The idea is most apt: the Tangente comes from one of Glashütte watchmaking’s best and the red dot is a byname for the island Mecca of watch collecting that is Singapore.

As this is the second timepiece that The Hour Glass has collaborated with Nomos on — the first being the Nomos Red Dot — the two versions of the Tangente ‘Red Dot’ will be made available in 100 pieces each.

How to Get Your Hands on One

When the Nomos Red Dot was launched, interested buyers were invited to reserve their watch through a weblink. They would then have to proceed to designated Watches of Switzerland and The Hour Glass boutiques to complete the transaction.

This time round, The Hour Glass has gone all-in with the Tangente ‘Red Dot’ 2018 to allow interested buyers to purchase the watch directly off a weblink. Which, therefore, makes this the retailer’s first e-retail exercise.

At the same time, The Hour Glass has also arranged for the watch to be available to buy at designated Watches of Switzerland and The Hour Glass boutiques.

Above and beyond partnering with Nomos to launch yet another fantastic piece, what The Hour Glass must be commended on is that they’ve gone the distance to create two ways in which a customer can get their hands on the Tangente ‘Red Dot’ 2018.

Options — we maintain — are a good thing.

Buying Options


Available online from 27 September, 9pm (GMT +8) at Visa, Mastercard and Amex payments are accepted. Every purchase comes with free insured priority shipping.


Available at selected The Hour Glass and Watches of Switzerland boutiques from 28 September:

• The Hour Glass Orchard Central
• The Hour Glass Parkway Parade
• Watches of Switzerland Paragon
• Watches of Switzerland Tampines Mall
• Watches of Switzerland VivoCity

Technical Specifications


Nomos Alpha caliber; manual winding; hour and minutes; small seconds; 43-hour power reserve


37.5mm stainless steel case; water resistant to 30m