Introducing the TAG Heuer Autavia – Jack Heuer 85th Anniversary (Limited to 1932 Pieces)

At Basel 2017, when the Revolution team was at the TAG Heuer booth, looking at the new Autavia, there was a version of the watch on the table that was unlike any we’d had seen on the press releases prior to the fair.

It had the same 7-row, beads-of-rice type bracelet and the exact same case. But it’s bezel was completely different and it had a panda dial unlike the reverse panda dial on the regular Autavia.

Moments later — and after a little prodding — our friends at TAG Heuer shared that this was a special edition of the Autavia with elements that Jack Heuer had picked out himself, set to be made in a limited run of 1932 pieces.

Why that specific number? Because 1932 is Jack Heuer’s birth year and in 2017, the living legend celebrates his 85th birthday. It is this very milestone that the TAG Heuer Autavia – Jack Heuer 85th Anniversary has been created to commemorate.

When Jack Heuer became part of the Heuer company, in the year 1962, the first watch ever to have been launched under his care was the Autavia (read about it here and here). Therefore, the watch, no doubt, holds a special place in his heart.

Jack Heuer with the TAG Heuer Autavia - Jack Heuer 85th Anniversary on his wrist
Jack Heuer with the TAG Heuer Autavia - Jack Heuer 85th Anniversary on his wrist

But here’s perhaps the most important bit of information you must know about the special edition: Piece number one has been set aside to be the headliner at Phillips Watches’ upcoming “The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection: Exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era” sale.

While TAG Heuer’s donated the watch for the sale to Phillips, Phillips Watches in turn has decided to pay it forward by channeling all the proceeds from the watch’s sale to the “Save the Children,”  the largest independent children’s rights organization.

The watch is estimated to be hammered for CHF5,000 – 10,000, but surely the great cause will compel the right pockets to make for a pleasant surprise in honoring the legacy of Jack Heuer.

If, however, you’re not bent on getting your hands on number one, the rest of the 1931 watches are priced at CHF 5,500.

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