Hanhart Bronze 417 Chronograph According to Wei Koh

The Hanhart 417 Flieger Chronograph is one of the most iconic pilots chronograph in history. We are proud to re-issue this faithful homage rendered in quick-patinating bronze CuSn8, inspired by the vintage brass watches as their chrome coating wore away.

We’ve decided to pair the watch with our favorite British heritage waxed cotton motorcycle jacket, a black Belstaff Trialmaster because we feel from a quality and style perspective it is unparalleled. Note that it has brass hardware all around including the buckles at the belt and throat latch where some other brands use plastic.

The watch is priced at USD 1,900, measures 42mm in diameter like the original and will be made in just 150 examples. The Belstaff Jacket is priced at USD 590. However, if you choose to purchase them together we are pleased to extend them to you at USD 2,300 — a saving of USD 190, and an example of our enduring commitment to offering you the best values in the online world. Because we believe our readers and clients rock and we want to always accord them our respect and gratitude.

Read more about the watch, here.

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