The Frederique Constant x Revolution Slimline Monolithic FP(S) Showcases Watchmaking’s Past & Future

Wei and Jeremiah take a closer look at Revolution’s latest collaboration with Frederique Constant, a brand whose mission is to bring luxury to a wider audience. In 2021, Frederique Constant introduced the Slimline Monolithic, a watch that replaced all 26 components of the oscillator and escapement, instead employing a single silicon disc as the regulating organ which vibrated at 80 beats per second. This invention was nothing short of a quantum leap in the history of watchmaking and has the potential to redefine the architecture of watch movements.

Together with Frederique Constant, we have taken this truly groundbreaking innovation and placed it in a watch with a classic aesthetic language from the 1940s. We are incredibly proud to present the Frederique Constant x Revolution Slimline Monolithic FP(S) that highlights the through line of watchmaking’s past and future and at a price point that completely aligns with this independent watchmaker’s noble mission.

Priced at EUR 4,450, this is a limited numbered edition of 100 pieces. Email [email protected] for enquiries.

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