Five Watches That You Can Wear and Not Get Robbed

With the watch-related crime wave showing no signs of slowing down, Wei and Jeremiah take a look at five affordable watches that are incredibly cool but won’t leave a target on your back.

The Five:
1. Bamford x G-SHOCK GW-M5610BWD20-1ER / Bamford x G-SHOCK DW-6900BWD-1ER (£149 each)
2. Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium Black (€710)
3. Rowing Blazers x Seiko SRPG53 ($495)
4. Furlan Marri Mare Blu Ref. 1051-A (CHF 555)
5. BND MNBLU 1st Gen (€396)*

*Correction: The current MNBLU does have a screw down crown and is priced at €455.

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