Bovet Celebrates 200 Years in China

Bovet Celebrates 200 Years in China

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the year Edouard Bovet set foot in China, arriving in Canton on August 15, 2018, Bovet has introduced the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon, which features a one-minute tourbillon, triple time zone indications with hemispherical maps of the Earth, reverse-fitted hands to display the time on both sides of the movement, and a power reserve of ten days. This travel timepiece is perfect to remind wearers of Bovet’s remarkable journey and the maison it engendered.

It was Edouard Bovet’s success on this first trip, he sold four pocket watches for a sum equalling one million dollars today, that enabled him to form the Maison Bovet with his brothers in 1822, when he returned from China.

播喴 = Bo Wei = Bovet

Bovet became so revered and well known in China, the Chinese name for Bovet, Bo Wei, became synonymous with “watch” in Chinese culture. Bovet was one of the earliest watch companies doing business in China and it set the stage for the company’s future.

The Bovet brothers returned home to Fleurier, Switzerland and provided work for more than 175 artisans in the area. The Bovets built a grand house in Fleurier, nicknamed the Palais Chinois (Chinese palace), which serves as the town hall today.

Bovet Celebrates 200 Years in China

Highly Limited

The Edouard Bovet Tourbillon is available in red gold, white gold, or platinum. The number of movements is limited to 60, ensuring a high level of exclusivity.

Gongxi, 恭喜,Bovet – congratulations on 200 years of working in China.

Technical Specifications


46mm, available in red gold, white gold, or platinum


Bovet in-house Caliber 16BM04-TT


Hours, minutes, seconds on tourbillon; day/night indicator; 2nd and 3rd time zone with hemispherical earth maps; 24-hour hand and 24-city disc and reversed hand-fitting (hours, minutes and power reserve indicator)

Three Patents

Amadeo® Convertible case; Double face tourbillon; Radial guidance display mechanism.

Edouard Bovet Tourbillon in Red Gold