Best Collaboration 2022: Omega × Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch


Best Collaboration 2022: Omega × Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch


It has been a phenomenal year for the watch world. To round off 2022, we are celebrating the hits, the wonders, the visionaries and all the people in watchmaking who have made it so memorable in our annual Revolution Awards and Power Lists.

Today we’re proud to award the Best Collaboration Award to the Omega × Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch. 

Nicolas Hayek Jr. and Raynald Aeschlimann’s MoonSwatch, a bioceramic tribute to the legendary Omega Speedmaster, is not just a watch. It set off a cultural revolution that resulted in kilometer-long lines in front of Swatch boutiques and watches that are resold at 15 times their original asking price. But even more importantly, it ignited a desire and fervor for watch collecting amongst the younger generations, including one 11-year-old watch influencer named Amandine who managed to cop a light blue “Mission to Uranus” at the Geneva boutique on opening day.

Mission to Jupiter

Mission to Mercury

Mission to Saturn

Mission to Pluto

Mission on earth

Mission to Neptune

Mission to Venus

Mission to Uranus

Mission to Mars

As such, Hayek and Aeschlimann’s greatest achievement is to allow the youth of today and customers of tomorrow to fall in love with luxury watches. For this, the entire Swiss watch industry is very much in their debt. Bravo, gentlemen!