Bamford London GMT “detective snoopy” x Goodwoof

Bamford and Goodwoof collaborate to produce a limited-edition London GMT, featuring Detective Snoopy as the whimsical time-teller.

A well-known watch modifier, Bamford Watch Department (BWD), has not only gained approval from established brands like TAG Heuer to customise their timepieces but has also made a name for itself with its own collection of watches. Among BWD’s most recognisable models is the London GMT, known for its cushion-shaped case and often sporting a cheerful dial.

The latest creation from Bamford is another exciting and accessible GMT watch, developed in collaboration with Goodwoof, a dog event scheduled to take place at the Goodwood Estate this weekend. Staying true to the theme, the watch dial proudly showcases one of the most beloved dogs in the watch world: Snoopy, complete with time-telling canine hands (or should that be paws?).

Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”
Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”

The Low-Down of the London GMT

The story behind the London GMT is simple yet genuine: George Bamford, the founder of BWD, designed it to meet his personal need for a timepiece while constantly on the move between his London office. He aimed to create a watch made by his own company, resulting in a sensibly sized 40 mm cushion-shaped GMT watch. Equipped with the reliable Sellita movement, the London GMT offers accessibility at a price often below USD2,000.

Since its debut in 2019, the London GMT has undergone interesting variations, including the incorporation of Snoopy on the dial, serving as the hour and minute hands in a clever manner. In fact, Revolution collaborated with BWD back in 2019 to create a special limited edition called the Joe Cool, with an unusual dial that is entirely luminous.

Celebrating Goodwoof: Introducing the Detective Snoopy Edition of BWD London GMT

Now, to commemorate the upcoming Goodwoof event, a celebration of all things canine organised by Mars Petcare, the iconic cartoon dog makes a reappearance in the form of Detective Snoopy. Happening this weekend, the event will feature a wide array of activities, including talks, workshops, and competitions. As a result, Detective Snoopy is dressed in a cheerful beige and orange attire, perfectly suited for the occasion. The printing on the dial also reflects this colour scheme, along with a 24-hour track.

Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”
Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”

Notably, the watch incorporates several playful details, both internally and externally. A charming feature is the inclusion of Woodstock, Snoopy’s loyal friend, sitting at the tip of the GMT hand. Adding to the appeal, the watch comes packaged in a vibrant orange doghouse, a signature element of Snoopy.

However, the watch not only offers whimsy but practicality as well. Constructed from stainless steel, it ensures a comfortable wearing experience, particularly advantageous for a travel watch. Inside the timepiece is the reliable Sellita SW330-2 movement, boasting a power reserve of 56 hours.

Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”
Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”

Unveiling the Limited Edition Charm: Bamford London GMT with Snoopy Dial

The BWD London GMT watch is an amiable GMT timepiece that stands out from its competition with its charming features, including a handsome cushion-shaped case, and an enjoyable dial. While there have been several versions of the London GMT with the Snoopy dial, each iteration has been produced in limited quantities. In this case, it is presented as a limited edition of only 80 pieces, which adds to its desirability, especially considering the previous success of BWD’s limited edition time-only watch created for Goodwoof, which quickly sold out upon its launch last year.

Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”
Goodwoof x Bamford Titanium Londont GMT “Detective Snoopy”

Tech Specs

Goodwoof x Bamford London x Peanuts Snoopy GMT

Movement: SW330-2,; automatic; 56 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, and GMT
Case: 40 x 11.7 mm; stainless steel; water resistant to 100 m
Strap: Black cordura strap
Limited edition: 80 pieces
Availability: At the Goodwood online store from May 20, 2023
Price: £1,850


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  1. Jakob says:
    Who doesn’t love Snoopy

    Amazing piece, I really love the Snoopy GMTs from Bamford. Such a lovely design.
    But I think that it is made of steel instead of titanium, isn’t it?

    1. Felix Scholz says:

      Well spotted, and we’ve updated the story.

  2. Troy McHenry says:
    Case Material Discrepancy?

    On the actual sell page on, it shows the case as stainless steel and the case back engraving also mentions stainless steel. I wish it were titanium!

    1. Felix Scholz says:

      Thanks Troy, we went off the press release and it listed the watch as titanium.

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