5 Things NOT TO DO to Your Friends’ Watches!

After some unfortunate incidents involving a watch and some scratch-inducing substances, Wei and Constant decided it was time for some essential watch-handling tips from Revolution!

Come with us as we dive into a lively discussion about watch etiquette and five no-nos you should always keep in mind when it comes to your friends’ timepieces.

Let’s come together and foster a positive watch community with these helpful guidelines.

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  1. Gav says:

    Maybe half a slap for when someone asks to see your watch and immediately puts their greasy thumb on the glass. Do you pick up up your reading glasses by the lens?

  2. JPVFX says:
    Rings are probably the worst offenders .....

    Hi Wei & Constant, great fun vid – the non-watch family must think we are loons – oh wait.
    I think hand rings are the biggest offenders, almost everyone wears them (wedding, engagement or dress) and everyone is unaware of the contact they have whilst handling a watch. I’ve experienced all the incidents mentioned in the video and some. As watch loons we are hard on ourselves for accidental damage we may inflect, so when it comes to scuffs and scrapes inflected by friends or acquaintances. Aaaah!

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