The Ressence Type 1 DX3 captures the spirit of the desert

The concluding chapter in an enthralling trilogy.

Over the last six years, Ressence and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons have been creating some stunning limited edition watches that marry the Belgian watchmakers distinctive vision of time, and a modernist interpretation of Arab art.

Ressence Type 1 DX3
Ressence Type 1 DX3

The third and final chapter of this story is the Ressence Type 1 DX3, which, like earlier versions, boasts a dial inspired by the graphical pattern of Arab Geometric Art — creating a stunning tessellated effect in rose gold tones reminiscent of the desert. Benoît Mintiens, Founder of Ressence, explains the importance of this trilogy, and its shared visual language; “This trilogy demonstrates that at first sight different cultures and trades share a common and universal understanding of aesthetic balance. The appreciation of rhythms, patterns or colour is a collective good beyond our origins.”

Ressence Type 1 DX3
Ressence Type 1 DX3

On this watch, the soft sandy tones are interspersed with darker colours as you move away from the functional sundials, adding to the gentle rhythm and subtle complexity of the watch. There’s also one final party trick that makes this already remarkable dial stand out even more. The non-functional elements emit a gentle green glow in the dark, thanks to the cloisonné design that sees the internal elements of the geographic design fills with grade A Super-LumiNova,

Ressence Type 1 DX3
Ressence Type 1 DX3

Ressence’s Type 1 is already an incredible watch, and this limited edition manages to fuse the brand’s unique time-telling methodology with an artistic dial that is creative, thematic and, frankly, stunning.

Ressence Type 1 DX3
Ressence Type 1 DX3

Tech Specs

Ressence Type 1 DX3

Movement: Patented ROCS 1.3 module driven by a customised 2892 base calibre
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, day
Case: Titanium, 42.7 x 11mm
Dial: Convex German silver dial (125mm radius) with three eccentric bi-axial satellites inclined at 3° (hours) and 4.75° (seconds and day of the week) with cloisonné filled with Super-LumiNova® and coated with rose gold
Strap: Beige Rubber
Price and availability: Limited to 35 pieces, CHF 23,600


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