The Rake X Ralph Lauren ‘Negroni Bear’ Polo Bear Watch at Ralph Lauren Flagship Store

Wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo Bear always requires a smidgen of humility, Dame Emma Thompson once came up to me and said, “you’re wearing a bear on your sweater, I love you.” Which was flattering but had nothing to do with me unfortunately, rather my furry companion on my chest.

So, in homage to the collaboration between Ralph Lauren and The Rake with our Negroni Bear timepiece, we went to the Ralph Lauren flagship store on New Bond Street, to not just celebrate the joie de vivre that the Polo Bear brings, but also demonstrate its versatility across the board at Ralph Lauren, choosing three looks that ranged from the formal to the casual, with their new AW 20 Duffle Coat Bear as the centre piece with each ensemble.

The formal: Certainly in London, as we all hunker down for lockdown 2.0 and look with nervous ambiguity at Christmas, having clothes you can let envelop you and comfort you is essential. Cometh the hour, cometh the coat – the ‘Cuddle Coat’ from Ralph Lauren is the only thing I’d trade for my duvet when it comes to cosiness, and being that one cannot wear a duvet outside without inviting intervention from the authorities, this has much better range. Matched with a pair of Gurkha-strapped and pleated grey flannel trousers, a classic white button-down Oxford, green knitted tie and tie pin, and the new path for sensible and smart office or social attire is set.

The casual: Growing up watching the Memphis Belle and Top Gun, I became obsessed with aviation. I’d come to accept that at six foot 4, with problematic arithmetic, I would never become a pilot, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love the style. This look is a nod to this, with the Ralph Lauren iconic bomber jacket, the green corduroy trousers, denim shirt and to mark what we are here to celebrate, the matching jumper with polo bear tie.

Tom Chamberlin wearing Ralph Lauren bomber jacket
Tom Chamberlin in Ralph Lauren bomber jacket
Tom Chamberlin in Ralph Lauren bomber jacket

Black tie: To salute the unconventional, the irreverent, and also the elegant, I have taken my cue from Mr Lauren’s dinner jacket and jeans and have broken black tie convention myself. Taking a Purple Label dinner suit, with a black velvet smoking jacket and slippers, but adding the Polo Bear sweater over the shirt and bow tie.

The Rake X Ralph Lauren ‘Negroni Bear’ Polo Bear Watch
The Rake X Ralph Lauren ‘Negroni Bear’ Polo Bear Watch

You can still shop Ralph Lauren from home over the coming weeks with their in-store stylists. Find the best pieces and perfect holiday gifts for family and friends. Connect to the Ralph Lauren in-store team on your preferred platform – via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp – and enjoy an expertly curated, one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Virtual appointments can be booked here.

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