The All-White Stealth Unimatic x Revolution & The Rake Modello Uno GMT “Arctic Fox”

Since 2015, Unimatic has become one of the most successful upstarts in the loosely defined microbrand category. Founders Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato have generated a true cult following for their minimalist aesthetic that captures the essence of particular sports watch designs, and in the process creates archetypes for each of their collections. They also employ a concept called “hybridization”, marrying various design ideas with a wide array of artists and designers.

We are honored to collaborate with Unimatic for the first time to create a unique version of their well-loved U1 GMT. Wei and Jeremiah talk about the inspiration behind this all-white watch from Darwinisim to its color that represents hope.

The Unimatic x Revolution & The Rake Modello Uno GMT “Arctic Fox” is a limited edition of 150 numbered pieces and priced at EUR 1,500. Available for sale now.

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