Inside Sincere Fine Watches’ largest SHH flagship boutique in the world

Sincere Fine Watches rolls out expansion plans across Asia, with new SHH boutiques in Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and most recently, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening its first doors in 1954, Sincere Fine Watches lays claim as the longest-standing luxury watch retailer in Singapore and has today evolved into a prominent distributor of leading global watch brands across Asia. With an extensive portfolio that includes Blancpain, Chopard, Franck Muller, Omega, Tudor and Zenith, Sincere has fostered respectful relationships with these esteemed brands, expanding its influence through a network of 20 boutiques and points-of-sale in seven countries.

In Thailand, Sincere operates as Pendulum Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. Sincere’s visionary approach and understanding of its clientele’s preferences have led to the curation of timepieces that not only embody growth, but also mirror the adventurous spirit and individuality of its patrons.

The SHH store front in Pendulum, Bangkok
The SHH store front in Pendulum, Bangkok

The commitment to promoting independent watch brands, such as Arnold & Son, Cvstos, Czapek, Greubel Forsey and Grönefeld, exemplifies Sincere’s dedication to offering unique and exclusive choices. The company has since been acquired by Cortina Holdings on March 16, 2021, and this merger has allowed Sincere to play to its newfound strength — building on an extensive retail network.

A Kuala Lumpur debut

Sincere Fine Watches inaugurates its newest SHH boutique at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, boasting a sprawling 5,000-square-foot space that serves as the global flagship for this pioneering concept. The expansive boutique spans two floors, which offers an ultra luxurious shopping experience whilst promising an immersive and hyper-personalized journey for watch collectors among 17 independent watch brands.

The design of the space is kept uniform, using the same warm color palette and mirrored surfaces as its Pendulum concept space, but SHH Kuala Lumpur showcases the watches as works of art in a museum-like setting. Select timepieces are displayed in podium capsules and with interactive digital panels, encouraging clients to explore each brand at their own pace.

Notably, SHH introduces a fine-dining venue on the second floor, the first of its kind within any SHH boutique in the region. The venue accommodates intimate gatherings for exquisite dining experiences orchestrated by globally renowned chefs.

The mission to educate and cultivate appreciation in horology will continue through exclusive events, talks and experiential sessions that highlight the unique philosophies and practices of each independent brand.

Planting the flag in Bangkok

Elsewhere in the region, the overwhelming positive response to Sincere Fine Watches’ Singapore boutique prompted the expansion of this unique concept throughout Asia, with the inauguration of SHH Pendulum in Bangkok which marked the second landmark launch.

Through its subsidiary company, Pendulum Ltd., which has been a pioneer in Thailand’s luxury watch industry since its opening in 1992, the new SHH Pendulum represents a significant step in the group’s commitment to transforming the high-end watch retail experience.

The boutique, envisioned as a sanctuary for independent watchmaking, employs a sophisticated interior design, emphasizing warm copper earth tones and reflective mirrored surfaces to create a multi-layered inviting atmosphere. The overall space is divided into three main areas, with a large central island highlighting exclusive brands, wall podium capsules displaying rare horological highlights, and dedicated spaces for brands with larger collections, each equipped with
interactive digital panels.

A private lounge, an integral feature of the boutique, allows clients to intimately explore selected timepieces in comfort, complemented by a dedicated wine bar. This space will also serve as a venue for exclusive gatherings, press meetings with brand principals, and a focal point for collectors to interact and indulge their passion.

Mr. Ong Ban, CEO of Sincere Fine Watches, expressed pride in unveiling the SHH concept, stating, “We hope to deliver to the sophisticated watch collector an even higher level of enjoyment for the craft, passion and creativity of independent watchmaking.”

The boutique launches with a carefully curated selection of 18 brands, including Angelus, Breguet, Christiaan van der Klaauw, Greubel Forsey, H. Moser & Cie. and Louis Moinet, among others.

The launch also commemorates the grand opening with three exclusive SHH Editions from Christiaan van der Klaauw, Lang & Heyne and Cvstos respectively.


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