Richard Mille and Scuderia Ferrari Team Up on the Track and the Wrist

Racers start your engines; we’ve got a new partnership on the grid. Richard Mille has launched a multi-year partnership with Ferrari in a move that, like the best partnerships, just makes sense.

First of all, Ferrari. The prestige automotive marque has been around since 1947, founded by Enzo Ferrari, and over the decades capturing more than just a series of technical and performance coups, but the hearts and souls of the speed-enthusiasts the world over. The appeal of Ferrari’s cars is due in no small part to the generous symbiosis of technology and design, which sees them transform from machines to move from A to B (albeit very rapidly) into bona fide works of art. On the new relationship, Richard Mille says, “We see this as a true partnership with multiple developments at its heart of our watches with Ferrari’s designers and engineers. The whole team is thrilled about the collaboration with Ferrari and committed to creating a strong and passionate partnership.”

A noted car collector, Richard Mille has always been inspired by the automotive industry to design his highly technical and innovative watches.

Already, watch fans will be seeing the parallels with Richard Mille, a brand famous for its highly technical, innovative watches, many of which defy expectations of what a timepiece can achieve. The automotive ties are strong, too: Richard Mille is a noted car collector, and high-octane world of the track is ongoing design influence throughout the brand’s catalogue. On the Ferrari side of the paddock, Mattia Binotto, Managing Director and Team Principal Scuderia Ferrari noted: “Ferrari and Richard Mille share many common values, from technology to use of similar materials, as well as the passion we put into coming up with and designing our products. Both brands bear the name of their founder and represent their dreams and visions. The partnership will have a wide reach and I am particularly pleased that it also extends to the Ferrari Driver Academy. Richard Mille is a great racing fan and shares our commitment to bringing along talented youngsters and to attract young people to motorsport.” Interestingly, Richard Mille would continue its association with McLaren and this makes it one of the very few brands in the watch industry to be partnering with two major automotive names simultaneously.

Mattia Binotto, Managing Director and Team Principal Scuderia Ferrari
Mattia Binotto, Managing Director and Team Principal Scuderia Ferrari

In addition to the co-branded watches that we will surely make their way down the road shortly, we get a sense of what the partnership will involve. Richard Mille will support the Ferrari Driver Academy. We also expect a presence across Ferrari’s suite of competitive endeavours, from F1 to WEC endurance programs, Competizioni GT, Ferrari Challenge, and the nascent Esports category.

We’re not sure about the length of this partnership, but here’s hoping it’s long and fruitful.

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