Revolutionizing the NBA Shot Clock

For the first time in the history of the NBA, all 29 arenas will use the same shot clock – one developed by Swiss watchmaker Tissot and designed to revolutionize how NBA teams keep time.

On July 7th, Tissot announced the launch of a groundbreaking integrated timing system and a new shot clock with innovative LED glass technology developed exclusively for the NBA. The new shot clock debuted July 8 for the Samsung NBA Summer League and will be integrated into all NBA arenas for the 2016-17 season.

The new shot clock is free of any cables and conductors and uses Tissot’s new LED glass, which is nearly transparent when in use and fully transparent when it is turned off. The new clocks incorporate the 24-second, timeout and game clocks seamlessly in one piece of hardware. In addition, this new clock features instant number transitions, so on-site referees and the NBA Replay Center can evaluate critical calls more easily, like when determining whether a shot has beaten the buzzer.

“Tissot is proud of confirming its expertise in the world of basketball timekeeping by presenting this new shot clock,” said François Thiébaud, the president of Tissot. “Our collaboration with the NBA is bound for greatness. Our shared love for precision and passion for sport is leading us to push boundaries to enhance the experience of basketball for everyone involved with new technology and innovation and this is only the first step.”

Each shot clock is branded with the Tissot name and uses Tissot’s proprietary software, which transmits timing data to all in-arena scoreboards and video equipment simultaneously.

“The NBA has depended on accurate timekeeping for more than 70 years, and in all that time we’ve never had a partner like Tissot,” said Michael Gliedman, NBA senior vice president & chief information officer, information technology. “Tissot’s expertise and groundbreaking timing system developed exclusively for the NBA will provide us with the most sophisticated shot clock the league has ever had, enhancing our game on the court and providing a sharper viewing experience for fans.”

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