‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone by Jacob & Co. is a Tribute to an Arabov Family Heirloom

The new Dual Time Zone by Jacob & Co. pays tribute to a special watch and tells a tale of a father’s love.

Today, the story that Jacob & Co. reveals to us is one of inspiration, heritage, and craftsmanship, centered around the timepiece that ignited an enduring legacy. This is the chronicle of ‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone watch, an emblematic creation by Jacob & Co. that pays homage to a family heirloom, kindling the spark that would lead to a lineage of exceptional timepieces.

At its core, ‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone is more than a watch; it’s a tribute to the pivotal moment in the life of Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Co. This tale begins in Tachkent, Uzbekistan, a place bearing significance to the Arabov family’s origins. One particular day for a young Jacob Arabo, he found himself in a moment’s exchange between his 13-year-old self, and his father, Nison Arabov, who gifts him a timepiece that wordlessly encapsulates emotions and a promise. That very watch, a once-famous Wakmann two-time zone masterpiece, became the beacon of Jacob’s future endeavors, setting the stage for the creation of Jacob & Co.

Jacob (left) and his father, Nison Arabov (right), when Jacob was 13 years old

‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone

Crafted as a tribute to this defining moment, ‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone speaks a language of passion, legacy, and familial connection. Jacob Arabo’s design philosophy has always been deeply rooted in personal narratives, and this timepiece stands as a testament to that ethos. Thus, the watch is an embodiment of his heartfelt respect, gratitude, and love for his father, Mr. Nison Arabov.

The heirloom Wakmann watch that was passed down to Jacob from Nison. This particular timepiece showed an engraving of a part of the world map, and showed two time zones.

‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone is the first timepiece from the new The World Is Yours collection. Against a blue lacquered dial, two sub-dials (at 12 and 6 o’clock) are framed by engravings of Europe and the Americas, and immortalized in 18K rose gold. The design echoes the original timepiece that Jacob Arabo received from his father. The curvature of the dial, reminiscent of the Earth, adds a layer of intricacy that brings the watch’s symbolism to life. Housed under a highly domed sapphire crystal, the watch echoes the topography of our planet, where elevations and depressions are etched with meticulous detail. The rose gold caseback shows off the rest of the world — Europe and all of Asia.

This creation is driven by a brand-new Jacob & Co. exclusive caliber, the self-winding JCAA11. This movement (with a power reserve of up to 42 hours) empowers the watch to tell two time zones, where each one can be set at will using the crown, down to the minute, allowing one to accommodate unique UTC offsets like that of India.

The christening of the watch is a tribute to Jacob’s father, Mr. Nison Arabov, “the man that gave them the True North in their life.” Thus taking center stage on the lacquered canvas is a compass rose, serving as small seconds.

Benjamin Arabov (left), with his father Jacob (middle), and his grandfather, Nison. (right)

Jacob Arabo’s journey from that defining moment in Tachkent to crafting ‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone is one that honors his father’s legacy, etched with the values of determination, inspiration, and a thirst for exploration. As the watch stands as a beacon of that legacy, it encapsulates not just time, but the stories, dreams, and boundless horizons that time carries with it.

Tech Specs: ‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time Zone

Movement: Manufacture Jacob & Co. Self-Winding JCAA11; 42-hour power reserve
Functions: Hours and minutes, double time zone, central small seconds
Case: 43mm; 18K rose gold; water resistant to 30m
Dial: Blue lacquered dial, stamped continents with rose gold finish; Compass Rose in the center; rose gold-plated hands; hand-fitting inclined at 12°
Strap: Blue alligator leather; 18K rose gold pin buckle
Availability: Individually numbered pieces


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