Introducing Revolution U.S.A.’s new Editor-in-Chief, Adam Craniotes

Introducing Revolution U.S.A.’s new Editor-in-Chief, Adam Craniotes

We at Revolution magazine have recognized it.

The editorial landscape has irreversibly shifted. And the image of the dusty old word smith laboring over long winded, soulless, didactic copy has faded forever into ancient anachronism.

So, what does the editor of a watch magazine have to be today?

He must be in possession of a powerful, fearless, humorous, deeply passionate and utterly unique editorial voice.

He should be motivated by a love for watches so genuine that it is the last thing he thinks about before sleep and the first thing he thinks about when awake. He should love them so much that he goes to intricate means to hide his watch purchases from his wife.

He must be a huge community galvanizer in the United States and be responsible for the creation and proliferation of the world’s biggest collectors’ community. He should be a pioneer at taking online-passion, offline.

He should have a masterful and eloquent command of all mediums, print, web and social media.

He must be extraordinarily handsome so much so that he appeals to women, men and even small animals such as his mother’s cat, who are all equally smitten by his ineffable charm and irrefutable charisma and defer to his every opinion and hang on his every word.

He must be a master of style with the effortless capacity to combine seemingly irreconcilable sartorial elements such as blazers and flip-flops with such dégagé elan that he is often featured on the inspirational walls of top fashion designers the world over and is the living embodiment of the Italian term “sprezzatura”.

He should always be in the mood for a high ball, wee dram or glass of Barbaresco, understanding that the foundation of the watch industry is built on conviviality, shared passion and quite a lot of alcohol.

He should always be the coolest guy in the room and have a great beard.

With that it gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Revolution U.S.A.’s new editor-in-chief, the one, the only, Mr. Adam Craniotes. Who is to me all these things and more.

You probably know Adam as the founder of RedBar Crew, the hard drinking, harder partying, totally egalitarian and most fun-loving watch collecting community on the planet. To me, one of Adam and RedBar’s greatest achievements is to have totally democratized watch collecting and pivot it away from being marked an elitist and overly cerebral past time, and make it relevant to everyone, in particular to a whole new generation.

As Revolution was similarly born with the mission to spread the love for that intersection of science and magic known as horology to everyone and in particular the next generation, we feel ourselves to be in total synergy with Adam and RedBar’s efforts. This is why Adam will act simultaneously as the head of RedBar and Revolution in the United States.

Adam’s past experience as a watch journalist and a Time Zone moderator also adds to his palmarès, which make him uniquely qualified to lead our resurgence on the American and New York watch scene. It’s been a while since we had actual boots (or in this case flip-flops) on the ground in the city of my birth, New York and it gives me great pleasure that with Adam we have not just an incredible journalist and a great guy and a total horological badass, we have but just the first overture in our renewed commitment to the United States. Adam will be joining our intrepid and ever dynamic publisher Jay Gullers based in Miami, holding Revolution’s two city command centers in the United States.

Please stay tuned to our plans ahead, as they are big.

Wei Koh
Founder, Revolution