HYT World Premier in Paris

HYT World Premier in Paris

HYT unveiled two limited editions last night in Paris in celebration of their latest partnership with French soccer star Antoine Griezmann and their ongoing collaboration with the Panis-Barthez Competition motor racing team.

H1 Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is a rising French and international striker who is considered by many of his peers to be one of the best center-forwards in the world of football today. He was an HYT client long before the partnership with HYT, which makes the collaboration all the more genuine. He was particularly involved in the creation of his piece, choosing his favourite colors – blue and white – for the design of this limited edition H1. “We started with our very first model, the H1, and it is really the fruit of a collaboration, an interaction where we were able to develop a piece that integrates his personality and his preferences into a watch,” shares HYT CEO Gregory Dourde.

The H1 Antoine Griezmann timepiece is similar to the brand’s Iceberg model with its blue liquid display and white alligator strap, but differs in that it features a dark blue PVD and DLC titanium case, a sapphire disk for the minutes and remodelled displays for the seconds and the power reserve indicators, which are blue and contrast beautifully with bright red hands. The footballer’s initials have also been added to the sapphire caseback as a nod to the athlete. The timepiece is limited to 20 pieces and has a retail price of 65,000 Euros.

Unfortunately, Griezmann couldn’t attend the world premiere of his watch in person as he is in full training for the upcoming football season, but he shared his excitement about the collaboration and the watch via video during the event at Paris’s VIP Room.

H4 Panis-Bathez Competition

The H4 Panis-Barthez Competition piece was planned to be released on the motor circuit during the 24 Hours of Le Mans earlier in the summer – See our HYT 24 Hours of Le Mans report here – but, it wasn’t quite ready in time for the race. Luckily, the delay meant that it could have its own party, away from the sound of the engines, and it was worth the wait!

This H4 is very different from other models in the collection with a theme that depicts the feel and colors of the black steering wheels found in the LMP2 cars with their brightly colored buttons. The bezel is matt black DLC titanium, while the seconds counter and the power reserve indicator have been adorned with touches of red, blue and green. The minute track is topped with a sapphire crystal bridge and features a red hand for optimal legibility. Each bridge has also been skeletonized to reduce its weight, just like in a race car.

“For our Panis-Bathez Competition collaboration, we took the most technical piece in our collection, the H4, that combines the fluid technology with our light technology. As you know, the Panis-Barthez team participates in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race with cars that rely on their headlights as they race through the night, so we took this theme and integrated our light module inside the watch,” notes Dourde

The light module works by activating a push-button crown at 4:30 marked with the word “Flash,” which mechanically charges the lights which illuminate the fluorescent green fluid and lights up the entire dial. The H4 Panis-Barthez Competition piece is also limited to 20 pieces and is priced at 95,000 Euros.

Fabien Barthez, ex-goalie and now professional racing car driver, was present in Paris, along with his teammates Nathanaël Berthon and Timothé Buret, to present their new timepiece. “We started discussing this model over six months ago,” shares Barthez. “I could see it in my mind, but didn’t quite know how it would turn out, but this is the continuity of a partnership and an adventure that started two years ago and this is the result, which is both sporty and chic and I feel very lucky to wear it.”

As Greizmann couldn’t be present to introduce his watch, Buret generously put on the H1 Antoine Greizmann timepiece to show the press. Now that is true sportsmanship!