F.P. Journe: A Retrospective Part 1

To say François-Paul Journe is the most prominent independent watchmaker of the last three decades might not be an overstatement. Inspired at an early age by the work of the great innovators that came before him, Abraham-Louis Breguet and George Daniels, the sheer breadth of his horological inventions over his long career has proven his mastery of the craft and left an indelible mark on watchmaking history.

François-Paul rarely gives interviews now and we are privileged to have him reflect on his life’s work with Wei. In Part 1 of this retrospective, François-Paul shares his early fascination with the tourbillon and constant force mechanisms, eventually crafting his own watches that incorporated these two components which enhance chronometric performance. These early creations would garner the respect from the watchmaker many regard as the 20th century’s greatest, George Daniels, who called François-Paul “the best”.

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