Just Because: Donna-Marie Povey Debuts Top Ten On UK Classical Chart

Just Because: Donna-Marie Povey Debuts Top Ten On UK Classical Chart

I know a star when I see one.

During the darkness of the recent months, I saw this particular star sparkling and when I drew closer, I realized that the star not only shone, but it also had a stellar voice.

The voice carried a message of hope and brought joy to its listeners on a daily basis throughout lockdown and whilst doing so, raised a considerable amount for the NHS in the UK.

From no presence at all on social media, this emerging British talent now has a loyal audience of about 2.5K listeners on Facebook (Donna-Marie Povey Sings) and her debut album has just stormed the UK Classical Charts, entering the Top Ten at number 7. This has nothing to do with luck; I am sure that this is because, once you see a star, you don’t want to turn away. You want to gaze at its brightness.

Revolution spoke to the entrepreneur, teacher and Top Ten Classical Artist Donna-Marie about her experience of lockdown and why this is the moment in time that she is shining.

Choosing to reinvent myself, both in light of and in spite of the Covid crisis, has been terrifying and liberating, in equal measure.

“I have, as a singing teacher and performer, been challenged by the ongoing circumstances.

“The enforced silence in theatres across the land, the rules about no public singing, the need for virtual lessons and the empty orchestra pits, paint an uncertain landscape for so many of us.

“I have, however, found new strength and creativity within myself, that has been born from this very challenging time.

“In seeking to embrace the digital democracy of the current era, I began with singing to my pupils and friends via social media, as a way of connecting. With the support of my digital community we raised an awesome amount for the NHS. It was no Captain Tom, but it made a small difference.

“From this, my following grew, and now, after many requests to do so, I am proud to say that, as an independent, female, British classical artist, I have released my debut album. To have made the Top Ten as an independent self-released artist is unheard of and I am so grateful to my followers for their support. My album is a beautiful live recording of classical pieces, which feels rather poignant given the current restrictions on live singing.”

As I am sure you will appreciate, for Donna-Marie this was a huge leap of faith. With neither record label, nor radio play, to amplify this shot in the dark, I am impressed, yet not at all surprised to hear that one voice really can “break-through”. There is something about the humility and determination of Donna-Marie’s character that tells me that her light, like that of a star’s will not just fade away; it will burn through the night sky and, I expect, right into the limelight.

I’m not a gambling man, but I would say that investing £5.99 via iTunes Store or Donna-Marie’s website for a beautiful recording which captures the energy and excitement that you experience at a concert, but with the refinement and production standards of the finest live recordings, is money well spent.

This collection of popular classical songs, performed by the singer surely set to be the independent, breakthrough classical vocal artist of the year, combines crystal clear vocals with contemporary performance intuition to create an album rich with originality and independence; elements set to appeal to today’s discerning lovers of classical music and popular songs alike.

Music must live.

Not only does this album have a heartbeat; it lives amidst the heavenly realms. It is the perfect antidote to the absence of live music that many of us have missed so much during the lockdown era of 2020. Sit back and soar with the sublime, supernal sound of the summer.

Donna-Marie’s album “First Take (the live session)” is available today on CD via www.donnamariepovey.com or digital download via the iTunes Store (an app on any iPhone).