Corum Big Bubble Anima Matteo Ceccarini


Corum Big Bubble Anima Matteo Ceccarini


According to Corum, bigger is definitely better. The brand’s memorable and growing Bubble collection now welcomes a new addition born from Corum’s collaboration with Italian DJ, composer, and producer Matteo Ceccarini. Featuring a piercing blue eye on its dial, the Big Bubble Matteo Ceccarini, or “Anima”, is an eye-catching (pun intended!) piece sure to get people talking.
This isn’t the Bubble’s first rodeo: turn back the clock to 2000 and you’d be overwhelmed by the buzz created when the Bubble first appeared, delivering astonishing coolness for the first decade of this century. It was created by the visionary owner of the brand at the time, the legendary Severin Wunderman, whose name deserves to be uttered alongside “Blümlein” and “Biver”. Back then, it was offered in the three sizes of 26mm, 35mm and the “XXL” 45mm. The last became a collector’s fave, its now-rare limited editions including Lucifer, Baron Samedi, Bats, Joker, and Royal Flush.
Limited to 88 pieces, the striking blue eye on the Anima’s dial is enhanced through Corum’s work with 3D technology and the large, domed sapphire crystal on the watch. Combined with the 52mm titanium case and the bubble shape of the watch, the eye is mesmerising. The watch features a self-winding movement with Côtes de Genève finishing, a 65-hour power reserve and a black vulcanised rubber strap.

Corum’s partnership with Ceccarini is only one of many with prominent artists, including French rapper Booba, actor Antonio Sabato Jr., DJ Steve Aoki, and artist Elisabetta Fantone. Performing since 1993, Ceccarini’s career has taken him all over the world, to places including Milan, Paris, and Bali. Ceccarini’s love for Asia, particularly India, only grew over the course of his travels, where he took inspiration to fuel his music compositions for his sets. Thus, his desire to feature the eye on his collaborative piece with Corum made perfect sense. “Anima means ‘soul’ and it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul,” said Ceccarini. In various Asian cultures, the eye has frequently represented a watchful and protective symbol — a sort of lucky charm — for the wearer.

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Technical Specifications” separator=”” tdc_css=””]


Self-winding Calibre C0 390; hours and minutes; 65-hour power reserve


52mm Grade-5 titanium; water-resistant to 100m


Black vulcanised rubber[/td_block_text_with_title]