The Patek Philippe Cobra reference 3414, designed Gilbert Albert for the brand and featuring a fully linear digital display of time.
Linear Progression: The Patek Philippe Cobra 3414
Apr 14, 2020
Glowing lume on the 2015 Silver Snoopy Speedmaster (Image © Revolution)Snoopy (Image © Revolution)
Apollo 13, Omega & the Silver Snoopy Award
Mar 31, 2020
Zenith A3818 owned by Eric Wind (Credit: Eric Wind)
How One Eric Wind Ended Up with FOUR Vintage “Cover Girl” Watches
Mar 20, 2020
1970 Tudor Oysterdate Homeplate
Tudor’s Golden Child – 50 Years of the Chronograph
Mar 13, 2020
The ‘pre-Richemont’ Panerai Mare Nostrum
Kessler’s Klassics: The ‘pre-Richemont’ Panerai Mare Nostrum
Mar 3, 2020
Vianney Halter Antiqua (Image © Revolution)
1998: Vianney Halter Antiqua, the perpetual calendar that inspired a generation of independent watchmakers
Feb 18, 2020
1993: IWC Il Destriero Scafusia Joins the Grand Complication Race
1993: IWC Il Destriero Scafusia Joins the Grand Complication Race
Feb 14, 2020
The Oysterquart Perpetual Calendar timepiece belonging to James Dowling
Rare Finds — The Never-Produced Oysterquartz Perpetual Calendar
Feb 13, 2020
Audemars Piguet yellow-gold perpetual calendar ref. 5516 from 1955 (Image © Revolution)
1955: Audemars Piguet ref. 5516, the First Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch with Leap Year Indication
Feb 10, 2020
Patek Philippe Ref. 1591 in Stainless Steel (Image © Revolution)
1944: Patek Philippe Ref. 1591, first Water Resistant Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch
Feb 4, 2020
Patek Philippe 97975: The First Wristwatch with Perpetual Calendar (Image © Revolution)
1925: Patek Philippe 97975, the World’s First Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch
Feb 3, 2020
Antiques Roadshow episode featuring an unworn Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona 6263 ca. 1971 (Image:
You can’t make this sh*t up. Or can you?
Feb 3, 2020
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