Introducing the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A

Rainbow ion-plating provides a kaleidoscopic effect while strengthening the watch against scratches and shock.

Casio has revealed a special treat for fans of iridescent accessories. We invite you to discover the visually enthralling and technically advanced Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A, which is inspired by and veritably channels Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is the colourful optical illusion over the North Pole (the same phenomenon in the South Pole is known as Aurora Australis) that can be seen from space.

The chameleon-like gradient that has been realized on the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A’s sculpted case involves a technique called rainbow ion-plating (IP). Before rainbow IP, this steel case is recrystallized and deep-layer hardened — a delicate procedure that was also used to achieve the unique appearance of the inimitable Casio G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Model: Recrystallized Series — followed by a gradual rainbow coating process. The molded and meticulously finished Casio MTG-B3000PRB’s case reminds one of the imaginative design and intricate craftsmanship of the recently released Casio G-SHOCK MRG-BF1000R Frogman, which was a high-tech and high-end milestone release by Casio.

An original kaleidoscopic technique

The many complicated techniques applied to the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A exemplify Casio’s new CMF campaign, an aesthetic and craftsmanship driven campaign that stands for ‘color, material and finish’ and showcases Casio’s flair with creating unusual cases, dials and straps.

Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A
Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A

The dramatic silhouette of the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A’s case comprises raised sides that interlock with the top of the bezel. Integrated molding is employed to make this case very rigid, followed by steps of forging, cutting and polishing that are repeated several times.

Processes like the recrystallization and deep-layer hardening of the steel case yield not only a crystalline grain but also impressive toughness. Unlike coating processes that add a hard layer to a case, recrystallization and deep-layer hardening both toughen the case material itself. Rainbow IP is then applied to this toughened case. Admirers of the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A are invited to choose from a variety of appearances, because the random results of the recrystallization and rainbow IP mean that every case will look different — patterns, color tones and lustre will differ from part to part.

After which, a repolishing process is performed to remove the rainbow coating from the raised parts of the case back, thus revealing gray stainless steel surfaces that juxtapose the iridescent portions.

Carbon Core Guard and matching band

You can wear the versatile Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A to a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities, as its Dual Core Guard consists of a carbon fibre-reinforced resin case with metal components. This module is robust, yet lightweight and compact. This structure also has guards that prevent the accidental turning of the crown and pressing of buttons. Furthermore, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating protects the dial of the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A. This watch is tested to be ‘Triple G Resist’, which means that its precise and reliable operation is guaranteed at all times, as it is shock resistant, centrifugal force resistant, vibration resistant, and is also water resistant to a depth of 200m.

Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A
Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A

Differentiating the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A from other watch straps is a translucent resin band in a striking purple hue. Purple IP has also been applied to the buckle, while brown IP coats the band loop. If you would like to swap out this purple band for other straps, simply press the buttons located on the sides of the lugs to unlock the band — a quick release system that does not require additional tools.

High-tech movement

The solar-powered movement of the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A features a compact and high-density mounted circuit board of smaller and slimmer parts.

Smartphone Link, solar-powered radio control, solar-powered timekeeping, Bluetooth and radio control ensure around-the-clock accuracy and reliability of the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A, while enabling a plethora of useful functions.

A multi-functional companion, the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A is capable of many functions when paired with the Casio Watches smartphone app. The dual time feature is automatically corrected four times a day, and whenever you travel to different time zones. This encompasses time zones of approximately 300 cities. The activity log function of the Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A lets you record your date, time and position on a map, when there has been an important event. Like any Casio watch, it has countdown timer, stopwatch, alarm and Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED light) functions.

Furthermore, unlike early generation electronic watches, modern Casio timepieces like the MTG-B3000PRB-1A are equipped with Tough Solar, which is Casio’s proprietary technology that enables the watch to be charged even in dim light sources. The MTG-B3000PRB-1A has a graphical display of its solar power generation status and more, and conducts automatic self-checks of its operational status regularly, and will display a screen alert in the unlikely event of malfunction.

Color, Material and Finish

“In April 2023, we celebrated the G-Shock’s 40th anniversary. It is the tremendous support you have shown us that has carried us to this milestone. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude,” shares Kashio Kazuhiro, President and Chairman of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

He adds, “We are proud to unveil a captivating new line-up featuring original combinations of colour, material and finish achieved with totally unique Casio CMF design, new models equipped with leading-edge technologies to complement users’ lifestyles, and so much more.”

Other CMF techniques that have been applied to recent Casio releases to endow them with eye-catching appearances include mixed color molding, which creates marbled patterns; aged IP expression, which is a proprietary aging process used to give bands and bezels a distressed look; color deposition matched to the color of racing car engines; metallic finishing; use of bio-based resins from renewable, small carbon footprint organic resources; use of strong and light carbon-reinforced resins; advanced molding techniques and artisanal metal carving by hand; laser engraving; and the application of hairline and honing finishes.

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Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A
Casio MTG-B3000PRB-1A

Tech specs

Movement: Quartz module
Functions: Smartphone Link, Tough Solar, Bluetooth®, world time, phone finder, alarm, event reminder, countdown timer, 1/100-second stopwatch
Case: Rainbow IP, recrystallized and deep-layer hardened stainless steel; 51.9 x 50.0 x 12.1mm; water resistant to 200m
Bracelet: Resin
Price: SGD 2,099
Availability: At all G-SHOCK stores and
More information:


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