An Aussie's Take On the Aussie Revolution

An Aussie's Take On the Aussie Revolution

It’s always a tremendous encouragement to hear from our readers. We highly appreciate it and look forward to receiving your thoughts all the time. Often we even find that you’ve gone far ahead of us and done something totally outside of our expectations, to essentially, help beat our drums. Such is what Adi Soon (Editor – Revolution Australia) came across on a faithful day while he was casually surfing the web. Now, what he found, simply said – put us through the roof.

Meet, Danny Jakitsadaparp based out of New South Wales. As it would appear, he’s quite the Revolutionaire, having gone to some length to obtain Issue One of Revolution Australia when it first hit the newsstands. But, he didn’t just stop at buying a copy of the magazine. Later, Danny went on to write a full length article to share his joy, with pictures of the magazine included, to herald the arrival of Revolution here in Australia.

Danny Jakitsadaparp
Danny Contemplating His Next Watch Endevour

Talk about a welcome. Adi wasted no time getting in touch with Danny when he discovered the blog. Danny, was again, incredibly kind to answer a few questions.

When did you start your website?

Two years ago. I’ve been very much into watches for over 7 years now and decided that it was a good time to get some of my own thoughts published on the internet. I found that there wasn’t much local information regarding watches and definitely saw a strong pickup in interest from Australian watch enthusiasts. Although a small community and market, there has definitely been an uptick in demand in Australia and I wanted to share my knowledge, news and experiences with people. I am by no means an expert and so I enjoy reading comments from enthusiasts and learning from them as well.

Can you give me a short history of how you came to love watches?

As a young teen I was interested in watches (although digital), and I have my family to “blame” for that. Honestly, it started more as a fashion accessory. I never really appreciated them and definitely didn’t appreciate the mastery that came with mechanical watches. It wasn’t until I was in a position to actually purchase my first real watch, a humble PAM312 that I really started to get into this wild world of balance wheels, chamfered edges, mainsprings, Clous de Paris, escapements, complications and so on. Over time my knowledge and appreciation grew, and it’s reflected in the watches I have collected over the years.

Danny's PAM312
Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio (PAM00312)

Can you name some of your favourite watches, either those you own or would like to own?

The thing with “grails” as we like to call them, they change over time. Favourites that I have now and probably will never let go of are the:

  • Lange 1 for its Saxon heritage and beautiful movement, and I enjoy that not many people know of the manufacture
  • AP Royal Oak 15300 because it is such an everyday watch for me, and there is so much more than meets the eye
  • Patek 5130R for its charm and softer lines

Ones that I would like to own (I’ll keep this list short):

  • Lange Zeitwerk, one of the pinnacles of Lange engineering for the modern world. Striking Time if possible =)
  • Patek 5270G, the first PP in house perpetual calendar chronograph, the brushed steel dial and darkened hands of the first 5270G wins me over all the time (not the revised 2013 version)
  • There are others, but they would be top of my list

How did you come to find the magazine on the newsstand? 

By chance actually. Word of the magazine came from friends and it wasn’t easy to find a newsagency that sold it, luckily I eventually found one.

Have you seen issue 2 yet?

No I have not, I didn’t know when exactly Vol. 2 was coming out, and I don’t go past the above newsagency unless I need to. Looks like I need to now =)

Snapshots from
Snapshots from

Read the article here:

Photographs of timepieces featured in this piece were all courtesy of Danny himself. Thanks for getting the word out, Danny. It’s made us all the more excited to launch Issue 3. Stay tuned!