Watches and Wonders 2024

Chopard at Watches & Wonders 2024: All the new novelties

Watches and Wonders 2024

Chopard at Watches & Wonders 2024: All the new novelties


Chopard’s diverse watch collections cater to a range of styles and preferences, showcasing the brand’s expertise in both horology and haute joaillerie.
This year, Chopard has epitomized a harmonious blend of technical mastery and aesthetic refinement across its collections. In comparison to previous years, much of the stage has been set for its jewelry watches, reflecting Chopard’s expertise that’s been passed down through generations.
In contrast, the expansion of the Alpine Eagle collection represents a contemporary take on sporty-chic timepieces, featuring pure design elements and sophisticated mechanics. They’ve introduced new metals, such as Grade 5 titanium, as well as diamonds to new Alpine Eagle models.

Chopard L.U.C XPS Forest Green

Furthermore, the mainstay of the Happy Sport collection continues to add a playful touch with its iconic dancing diamonds and versatile designs, making it a favorite among women who appreciate elegance with a twist of whimsy.
From the classic L.U.C to the avant-garde of haute joaillerie, this is your guide to Chopard’s new 2024 novelties.

L.U.C Qualité Fleurier

Chopard’s L.U.C Qualité Fleurier timepiece redefines elegance and precision in a 39mm Lucent Steel™ case, marrying history with innovation. Look closely and you’ll realize that this model is designed with a silver-toned sector-type dial, paying homage to its 2005 predecessor.
The monochromatic design features sunburst satin-brushed, circular satin-finish, and finely snailed surfaces, complemented by luminescent indications and syringe-type hands.
The COSC-certified L.U.C 96.09-L movement powers this chronometer with Chopard Twin technology, offering a 65-hour power reserve. With its vintage brown calfskin strap, the L.U.C Qualité Fleurier exemplifies Chopard’s commitment to blending technical excellence with timeless elegance.

L.U.C Full Strike

Green may seem like a bold choice, but this particular shade, verdigris (the same hue one would find from brass- or copper-oxidized patina), is nothing but subtle. It’s a new color to the L.U.C Full Strike that’s made in a limited edition in ceramicised titanium. 
This 42.5mm chronometer also boasts a minute repeater mechanism integrated with monobloc sapphire gongs that would resound in the anthracite case. Precision engineering includes a dedicated barrel for the minute repeater, ensuring up to 12 chimes of the most complex time intervals.
Movement-wise, the COSC-certified L.U.C Calibre 08.01-L operates at 4 Hz, offering enhanced rate stability and precision with a stop-second mechanism. This masterpiece is limited to 20 pieces.

L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25

The L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 gets a twilight makeover as its jumping hour display is now set against a black Grand Feu enamel dial. The contrast is complemented by the Ethical 18K white gold case, which frames the printed minute-railway track.
The L.U.C 98.06-L movement, equipped with four barrels and visible through a transparent case-back, offers an impressive eight-day power reserve (with the indicator on the back) and ensures exceptional accuracy and reliability while maintaining a slim profile of just 4.85mm. Finally, the meticulous craftsmanship and technical prowess of the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 are recognized with the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, affirming its status as a masterpiece of fine watchmaking excellence.

L.U.C XPS Forest Green

The new L.U.C XPS gets a nice pop of green and a sector-type dial to boot. The dark green color, achieved through PVD treatment, exudes sophistication with its sector-type design reminiscent of Art Deco and Bauhaus styles. 
The vintage-inspired look is housed in a 40mm Lucent Steel™ case and is powered by the L.U.C 96.12-L movement that’s visible through the caseback.

Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

Chopard’s Alpine Eagle collection introduces a new 44mm flyback chronograph model crafted entirely in ethical 18K rose gold.
Inspired by the Alps’ beauty, the design of the Alpine Eagle collection reflects the region’s aesthetics, with dial textures resembling an eagle’s iris and a color palette inspired by Alpine hues. The Bernina Grey model is named after a famous mountain range, emphasizing the watch’s connection to nature.
The Chopard 03.05-C movement, with three patents enhancing its accuracy and functionality, powers the main hours, chronograph and flyback functions, with a provision of up to 60 hours of power reserve.
But also joining the lot is the first model in Grade 5 titanium. The dial offers contrast with black counters with the sunburst pattern visible against the PVD-treated “Rhône Blue” dial, a color inspired by the beauty of Alpine landscapes.
As part of Chopard’s commitment to environmental preservation, proceeds from sales of this model will support the Alpine Eagle Foundation.

Alpine Eagle Frozen

“Frozen” may be Chopard’s witty way of saying “iced out” because the Alpine construction gets a full diamond pavé treatment. Adding a new 33-millimeter model to its lineup of contemporary sporty-chic timepieces, this exquisite number features a case, bezel, dial, and integrated bracelet crafted from ethical 18K gold, adorned with sparkling diamonds.
The intricate gem-setting on the dial, crown guards, bracelet links, and bezel, including baguette-cut diamonds, reflects Chopard’s dedication to precision and artistry. The exhibition caseback shows off the Chopard 09.01-C self-winding movement that’s composed of 159 components.


Chopard’s IMPERIALE collection unveils two new exquisite timepieces, embodying elegance, luxury, and precision. These 36 mm-diameter creations, crafted in ethical 18-carat rose or white gold with diamond embellishments, house the Chopard 96.17-C movement, powering mesmerizing displays on mother-of-pearl and enamel marquetry dials.
The rose gold variant features a dial adorned with blue mother-of-pearl, intricate arabesque motifs, padparadscha sapphires, and delicate flowers with pink mother-of-pearl petals. In contrast, the white gold version showcases deep blue-green enamel with arabesques filled with white enamel, padparadscha sapphires, and pink mother-of-pearl flowers.
Driving these masterpieces is the Chopard 96.17-C movement, visible through a transparent case back, with Chopard Twin technology ensuring a 65-hour power reserve. 

L’Heure du Diamant

The latest additions to this iconic collection feature an octagonal case, a first for L’Heure du Diamant. The 32 mm-diameter octagons house refined dials in mother-of-pearl or malachite, while precious stones sit in a unique crown setting technique that enhances the brilliance of diamonds encircling the dial. 
The supple gold bracelet, inspired by historical models, complements the bold yet timeless aesthetics of the collection. Lest one be mistaken, these perfect-for-cocktail watches are not quartz-powered, but run on the Chopard 09.01-C movement with a 42-hour power reserve.
For the 26mm versions, these dainty jewelry watches are crafted in ethical gold and meticulously adorned with diamonds. Also featuring a textured mother-of-pearl or malachite dial, this latter is complemented by a bark-style bracelet, showcasing Chopard’s mastery of gold-working techniques honed since the 1960s.
The Chopard 10.01-C manual-winding movement powers this piece, renowned for its compact size and slim profile. 

Happy Sport

The Happy Sport welcomes a variation of iterations this year. First, an all-black design in two sizes — 30mm or 36mm (with date) — which is different but welcoming. The Lucent Steel™ case is paired with touches of ethical rose gold, creating a harmonious contrast of darkness and light.
The watch’s black-lacquered dial, glossy varnished calfskin strap, and onyx-set crown exude sophistication and versatility, making it a perfect companion for any occasion, just like a timeless little black dress (LBD).
A limited edition in 33mm is adorned in radiant blue featuring the addition of dancing aquamarines. The trendy baby blue colorway adopted for the Roman numerals frame a guilloché center on the silver-toned dial that has the help of an extra shine on the diamond-paved bezel.
And to bring them all together, the playful choreography of the dancing diamonds adds a touch of magic, reflecting the energy and joie de vivre of the women who wear it.

Haute Joaillerie

For the grand finish, Chopard’s latest jewellery watches epitomize the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship in Haute Joaillerie. Guided by Caroline Scheufele’s visionary leadership, these timepieces are the result of over 400 hours of meticulous work by a team of skilled artisans, including designers, gemmologists, lapidaries, and watchmakers.
Each watch is a treasure trove of more than 1,000 precious stones, carefully selected for their quality and brilliance. The intricate design, crafted from ethical 18-carat white gold, showcases a signature lace pattern that symbolizes the harmonious blend of nature, haute joaillerie, and haute couture.